Hello and welcome to my blog. The purpose of this blog is to share by experiences of different surfboard. Over the years I have had many surfboards, so great some not so. I hope that my reviews will help you choose a shape suitable for your skill level and the waves you ride.

The particular impetus for the blog was the delivery of my Greg Griffin 5 fin. Many people were waiting for my comments on it.

I'm an average surfer, riding average waves. I have many different boards, thrusters, bonzers, singles, fish, performance mals and traditional noseriders. from 5'3" to 10". I can do a reasonable job of riding most of them. I also occasionally shape some boards for my own use.

If you have any comments on the structure of the reviews I'd be glad to hear your comments.

SHOPS/DISTRIBUTORS: If you want me to to give an opinion on one of your boards, I'm happy to do that, however I will require the board for around 3 months so that I can test it in a range of conditions.