Folly was pumping today

SIIIIIKE! This is my good buddy Jeremy (see Dare Not Walk Alone Trailer below) catching a beauty at chard's left during his wedding week in the DR last year on a single fin replica we made together

5'6 short board custom for Kyle Kaine.

Lucas’s Jurassic Amber Blunt Diamond

Finished and looking sweeeeeet…
P1030899 P1030911 P1030908 P1030909

SupaGlide gets it bottom tinted…

Glassed the bottom of the SupaGlide today… went for an amber base with a red/amber/black swirl on the nose. Glassing the deck on Friday and debating the raw-lap route in dark amber. Its going to get double pinlines on the deck and some on the bottom to bring out the tri-hull… probably some custom pen-work too… It’s going to be a single fin with a 10” box.

Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards resin tint - trihull Supaglide Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards resin tint

2 Longboards for es-cent-ial

We sent 2 boards out to Florida for Carl and Faz of Escential Wetsuits.

Stoked to see those boards under their feet.

Past meets the present... sorta

Got the Mohikan to do a sick striped up 6'1" modern day performance thruster.

came out pretty neat! Episode is up

Thanks to Cyrus for putting this together, and including us in Korduroy.TV

And thanks to Oden for his sewing and board bag designing expertise.

Vitamin Sea surfboards 1970s single fin

Ad from Tube News dec 1981.
Nice early Vitamin Sea with a great logo by Kevin Russ featuring a tropical left hander; the board dates to the mid 70s. Vitamin Sea was started by Ted and Sue Ciastula in Newquay and was very successful during the late 70s and 80s with their Mark Richards and Cheyne Horan models and also Vit Sea's own twin fins and thrusters, many shaped by Chris Jones. I haven't seen a Vit Sea with this early logo before , check the leash fitting which loops through the board.

New 12 foot paulownia surfboard

The Resolute Salmon ready to hit the waves. .


Cam Oden invites you to enter the Camo Den.

Visit his newly launched website,

rare Newquay surfing guide 1966/7

Here are some pages from an early surf guide by Newquay lifeguard G. Roberts , published in 1967, which gives a good view of how the sport was growing and becoming a bit more commercial; someone told me the surfer drawings were by Fuzz Bleakley, not sure if that's right or not. The Bilbo ad shows what an important company it was at the time and why it was the leading maker in Europe through the 60s.


US Open Corona Noseride Event from Dana Morris on Vimeo.

Corona Noseriding Invitational

by Dana Morris

Naomi and Yukie came to San Diego together to pick up Naomi's new board. We had a dinner party on thursday night and on Friday me and Naomi went to surf San Onofre with Skip, Masa and friends. It was fun to have them here for a visit but now they are back home and back to work. Hope to see them again. Check Naomi's blog and Yuichi's for more.

Novosel is in Australia

Keith took off for Oz with his girlfriend a few weeks ago. They'll be over there for a while.

Here are some truly amazing photos that Keith took of a kid down there named Jack.

Gulls Just Want to Have Fun

Here's the Gull, having some fun on his birthday yesterday.

Frank has finished his board

Frank Kaczmarek snapped his favourite foam board so he set about building his first wooden board by slicing up his foam one to get the templates to build the wooden one.You can see his project in a couple of earlier posts. Frank also brought his unfinished board to the wooden board day. It created a lot of interest as people were very interested in the frames and what was happening inside.
" Well, The board is finished (at last) . I ended up doing all the glassing and final polishing myself, and while not as good as a professional job I'm glad that I did everything myself.
I've had a couple of surfs on it at the sandpumping jetty on The Spit on Sunday and Monday mornings. It takes a bit of getting used to and is of course heavier than my former fibreglass board it was modelled on.
I'm pleased with the result and will be surfing it regularly. I'm getting a lot of interest and questions from other surfers who want to know about the construction and what sort of timber was used. Now comes the task of tidying up the garage so my wife can put her car in there again.
Thank you for your help and advice and I look forward to seeing you at the next wooden board gathering if not sooner somewhere in the surf. "

Blue Wednesday

I'm not a demanding husband. I know how this sounds--defensive, unscrupulous, smarmy. But it's true. I love my wife and want to see her wave-shredding skills showcased on the best board possible.
This is why certain measures were taken a few weeks ago. Measures that would usher her into a new realm of wave-riding delights. Measures that she might resist at first but, ultimately, be welcomed as liberating.
Measures that would ensure the retirement of her beloved 8'0.
Not her beloved 8'0
You see, my lovely wife is a God-awful surfboard customer. She has ordered an average of one board every 3.33 years in the ten years we have known each other. Not bad for the recreational surfer, but pitiable for someone married to a dude who spends 20+ hours a week up to his nipples in foam dust.
And none of her orders stick. Here's the rundown.
Board: 80's style swallowtail thruster.
Purpose: commissioned for trip to mainland Mexico.
Report: two sessions at El Rancho. Loved it. Sold it the day after we got back.
Source of Dissatisfaction: color was 'too green.'

Board: 8'0 mini longboard.
Purpose: to replace older 8'0 mini longboard (at shaper's insistence).
Report: who knows? Someone picking up another board from the house loved hers, so she sold it on the spot.
Source of Dissatisfaction: none. "He was nice," she said of the gentleman who bought it.

Board: Contemporary quad shortboard.
Purpose: to replace her long-sold 80's swallowtail thruster (see above).
Report: fun .
Source of Dissatisfaction: pregnancy.

This is why, several weeks ago, measures were taken. A board was shaped, then glassed. It was presented (gently!) to my loving wife after a Bud Light and a glass of local zinfandel (her favorite combo). It was received with a sigh and a certain flattening of the lips. These were interpreted as signs of success.
So far, so good.
It currently rests, unmolested, in the upstairs bedroom (we have limited surfboard storage space). Curing. Waiting. Avoiding inspection by two-year-old hands. Keeping a low profile.
We'll keep you posted.

Now you're talkin

Donavon's back yard, the result of visits to 100s of thrift shops; he doesn't even have time to take the scabby wax off. If I had that many boards I'd never be able to choose which one to take out !

1970s Tiki single fin

Nice Tiki single fin, around 7 ft long which belongs to my friend Nick. Tiki was started by Tim Heyland and Dave Smith in south Wales in 1967 and relocated to Barnstaple in 1968; I think this board must date from 72/73, its got a nice logo and I like the bubbly bennet foam decal. Nick has a blog with some nice stuff on , .

black apache surfboards teaser

black apache surfboards trailer (stills) from jesse watson black apache surfbo on Vimeo.

Artwork for a Skindog


some custom artwork for a Skindog 8’ shlongboard…

Happy Birthday Gully

Ghost Knife Laminate

Just finished laminating the deck patch on this monster. The bottom is a gun metal gray and the deck is a lighter smoke gray. A slick white pin line will separate the two. I have one more layer of cloth to go on the deck and might add a little more pigment to make the deck a touch darker. If the Sportel's could weigh in here I would appreciate it. Should I go darker on the deck or keep it the way it is???