Cutloose Crew - The original and the best surf shop in South Australia

The girls from Cutloose Surf SA up for a quick visit and a factory tour...
They sadly didn't score many waves or meet any pro's at the Quiky Contest but they had a blast anyway...and they'll be back next year!!!

New shirt's from Forward Screen Printing. Colors this time are army, grey, new silver, and black on American Apparel blanks. Thanks Sean!

The Keahana Von Sol Comet in Action

Having a blast on the Von Sol Comet! Check out all our boards
photos:Lance Smith

McTavish Fireball

9’2 X 22 ½ X 3”

I had been looking for a general purpose longboard for quite a while, something that could nose ride a bit and still surf off the tail. Among my friends the fireball was a really popular board. Between them I know that the fireball had been ridden comfortably at over double overhead however I was aware that they could noseride really well. I had tried a friends 9”6” with a greenough 9” single fin in small waves and it rode really really well off the nose.

I picked up a 9’2” model in “well used” condition and it came with a greenough stage 4 fin. I was really surprised at the amount of foam packed into the board. The nose, rail and tail are quite thick and not overly foiled out like pure performance longboards. Saying that The Australian longboard championships were won on a fireball some years ago.

The blurb on the McTavish website describes the board as follows:

“Big waves, small waves, beach breaks and point breaks – performance is guaranteed in all conditions. The Fireball has a loaded double concave tail for quick turns, a deep nose concave for stable noserides, and bevels up front for a stable walking platform. Whatever your skill level, weather you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, we can customise a Fireball to suit your specific needs

I have known beginners buy this board and subsequently didn’t like it. I’m not too sure why. Initially I rode this board with the single fin and I didn’t really like it too much, even though I did like the 9’6” with the same fin, however I had been riding thrusters a lot.

So looking at the options I decided to go quite thruster like with the fin configuration. I went with a rusty 6.5” TK flex fin with small FCS H-2 as side bites. Wow this made the board come alive. I know some people don’t like to see longboards ridden performance style but there is something satisfying about slamming 8ft of board out the back of the wave as you bring it around. The board really surfs insane allowing you to do the big off the lips and reo’s with ease even in small waves. At the same time it still nose rides pretty good.

In summary it really is the ultimate all round longboard for mixed surfing. Note this was an Australian made board in standard construction and performance may not be comparable on the SLX or thai made boards.

Rating: 5/5 as an allround longboard for the intermediate to expert rider.

legends of the lens - Alex Williams

Adrian Philips, Harlyn, '86Its always a pleasure when Alex sends me one of his emails of his old photos. A true legend of the lens, taking photos of British waves and British surfers since the early 70s. The photos not only record the quality of British surfing at home and abroad, they describe the life of a man who has trekked round the planet having adventures and meeting the leading lights of the surf scene for over 30 years. Not a bad job !
big Guethary, 1977
Brad Hockridge, Jersey 1986
Camping '75
Carwyn's van
Chops 1980
Gabe Davies 1988
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson Hot Generation boards
don't know who this is or where this is but love the photo.

RIP Amber…

RIP Richard’s EVO5 Cleanline which succumbed to punchy Irish crystal chambers yesterday…


Magic Johnson's

Quiksilver Pro 2011 - Expression Session (Full Broadcast)

Spitfire tubercule cutaway fin for the 10'6" Earl pintailed wooden surfboard

Baroque style, biomimetics, and golden paulownia wood converge in the 12 inch spitfire fin for the Earl 10'6".

Tubercule explanation:

 Frank Fish, whale bump pioneer.


The Earl 10'6":



South coast surf
Surfers at Kintyre
Here's a couple more of my paintings with surfers in them; not a lot of my work actually involves surfers but the sea is a constant influence ,almost always there . The painting at the top is based on a hot day at high tide Praa Sands on the south coast, with a surf pad overlooking the peak.
The painting above was done a few years ago when I used to visit my grandparents at Kintyre in Scotland. Had some great surfs there, and the surf scene was so small you used to go looking for someone in the water to surf with. If there was no one in chances were you'd be joined by a seal or an otter.
Had good feedback on my work through the Surfers Path article so thanks to everyone who got in touch, including the Surfing Heritage Foundation in the US and the Museum of British Surfing. I will hopefully be showing a painting with Pete at the surfing Museum in the opening show.

80s 5 Star by Colin Wilson

Classic early 80s twin fin +1 by Colin Wilson. Colin was one of the stand out surfers of West Cornwall in the late 70s/ early 80s. His local spot was Sennen and was a stylish and determined surfer in the heyday of the Skewjack scene. He was a successful comp surfer and won the British title in 1980 and British senior in 1985. He ran 5-star from the late 70s to mid 80s and shaped through the transition from singles to twins, thrusters and the mal revival.This one is a nice little floaty 5'10x 20 x 2 1/2, with gloss coat , channels and large twin fins, and the option of a third. Made with Clark foam super light.Colin went on to run the British surfing association for 12 years, a demanding and rewarding job, and was a devoted team manager.
Colin in the mid 70s with a Graham Nile

Opening Day at The Gold Coast – Quicksilver Pro

The 2011 ASP World Title Race has commenced with the top 34 surfers in the world going head to head in two-to-three foot waves at Snapper Rocks for round 1 of the Quicksilver Pro 2011.

The opening day proved to be somewhat impressive. The crowded beach and online streamers were treated to some barrels and air sections despite the little swell projected for the coming week. Quoted by Slater last week, “It will depend on where the waves show up”. His statement proved to be spot on, as the world’s best made the most of the two-to-three footers on offer.

Slater (USA), who turned 39 this month, may have been affected by the loss of his mate Andy Irons, but he’s not about to let that hinder his phenomenal surfing record. Slater showed on the day that he still has what it takes to clinch an 11th World Crown, wiping out all rumours of his impending retirement. The American scrapped past wildcard Matt Banting (AUS) and Kai Otton to advance to round 3. “Today I was more focused on getting the good waves and completing them. It’s not exceptional out there so I was just trying to get the clean ones which will probably get you the highest score of the heat,” said Slater.

Second to Slater in round 1 was the Teenage Whizz Kid, Matt Banting, who emerged as one of the leaders of a new wave of surfing talent with his display. Already backed by Quicksilver, who gave him their wildcard entry to the event, the Aussie kid will now fight for survival in the second round. Banting ended the day in fine fashion though as he emerged from the battle with Slater, rating him “the king” of surfing.

Defending event champion, Taj Burrow (AUS), has had another world-class start to the 2011 World Title Race, setting the pace as the form surfer of round 1 at Snapper Rocks. Burrow’s impressive surf netted him the highest heat total of the day, a 16.67. “This is the first one of the year, so I was definitely a little nervous, but it was just the right amount I think,” he said. “It felt really good, especially opening with a high score.”

2010 ASP World Runner Up, Jordy Smith (ZAF) returned to Australia from his home town and the natural-footer continued to light up amongst the world’s best. Smooth calm and collected, Jordy blitz opponents Gadauskas (USA) and Crews (AUS), with unmatched power and aerial prowess.

Former two-time winner of the Gold Coast, Mick Fanning (AUS), emerged with the days highest single wave score, a 9.33 out of a possible 10, for a Houdini-esque barrel and some power surfing. Fanning, equipped with the first GPS devise used in a world tour tournament, was also the fastest surfer, clocking 39km/h on a wave and covering more than 3km in his 30 min heat.

ASP top 34 rookie, Julian Wilson (AUS), opened up his campaign as a member of the elite 34 in sterling fashion, surpassing the veterans Adrian Buchan (AUS) and Heitor Alves (BRA), to advance directly to Round 3. “This is my favourite event of the year, and to win round 1 takes some of the pressure off. I’d like to try and get a good result, my best result is round 4 in this event so I’d like to try and do better this year.”

Event organizers will reconvene at 6:30am to assess a possible 7:30am start for round 2. When competition resumes, up first will be Bede Durbidge (AUS) up against wildcard Matt Banting (AUS) in the opening men’s heat in Round 2.

Garret McNamara at pipeline with Roy Stuart's 13' Ghost

The mighty Ghost 13 at Pipeline with Garrett McNamara, showing the beautifully efficient lines characteristic of  the extreme pintailed 'Future Primitive' designs with their  spherical/elliptical rocker, continuous 50/50 rail section and thin parallel profile.

Photograph by  Ian & Erick Regnard  @ Tungsten: 

tungsten at photoshelter

Previously Loved Longboards

9'2 Early Bird (Modified Lumberjack)

Available at 367 Old Newport Blvd

Previously Loved Longboards

10' Nathan Adams Model

Available at 367 Old Newport Blvd

Twin Fin Fun

6ft 6" finned or finless

Made to be finned or finless , will have to wait and see how she goes.

6ft 6" x 22" and 1.5" on the stringer

The nose is inspired by a Greenough spoon , hull entry and full length concave.

The tail is inspired by the Alaia and flaired rails like a body board

It all blends together to make an interesting fun board. The fins are 6" long and 2" tall 5" up from the tail.

Full concave deck and side cut rail line.Some ideas I have had an thought why not just build it and see how she come out.