Beach Pools

I never knew these existed until I went to Australia and saw them all over.

They have pools that are right on the beach. At first I thought it was crazy, but I quickly grew fond of the idea. They're just saltwater pools that allow people to swim laps at the beach without fighting waves or getting swallowed by a whale.

The only downside was in Cronulla, the waves were huge and breaking over the wall of the pool, turning it into a concrete deathtrap. So be advised, don't swim in the beach pools if it's double overhead.

California, take notes.

Gantez Warrior | I Drew A Picture

New music video from our friends, Gantez Warrior. (singular)

Also, go to their pre-release party at Thalia on Saturday night!

Gantez Warrior - "I drew a picture" from jack Coleman on Vimeo.

For Japan

Awesome Messages to Japanese victims!

New Twins | Short and Wide

Couple of customs for Patrick and Syd.

A Mini-Simmons and a Sea Kitten.

As always, plywood keels by Gully Allee.

These guys got their boards even before slater started getting tubed on soap.

Gul boards

Apparently Fistral blu is no more, so Graham has been helping collect the Gul boards from there and return them to the mothership. On the way he got a few photos of the rare craft.
cheers Gray.

Bob's getting funky

5ft 4" Mini Simmons

Fabric on the tail , nice ...

Spotted in Byron Bay a McTavish Simmons ?
Thanks Soul Arch


My new Model Shaped by Ryan Engle / NationMFG

Single Bump Swallow

5'9" x 18" x 2 1/4"


Kye cooking up some new creations in the spray bay....

Stranger than friction.....

Who needs doors when you've got Esky lids...
Check out this amazing footage of young Californian kid Ryan Burch having the ultimate fun on what looks like an Esky lid...always said a good surfer can ride a door but a better surfer can ride an Esky Lid...

Stranger than Friction... filming for "Stoked and Broke" from on Vimeo.

Hossegor, France vs Gold Coast Australia...

This is Xavier and Charlie (with D'Arcy) from Rip Curl France visiting the D'Arcy Surfboards Factory. It is hot and sunny here and they are having such a blast surfing in warm water because as you can see in the photos below....this is where they just came from....their hometown of Hossegor, France!!! Anyone want to swap places???

The joys of picking up your new boards just before going on that well awaited Indo Trip....

Craig Woods and his son Jackson picking up theirs and Kingsley's (Craig's eldest son) boards for their father and sons Indo trip.....have fun guys!!!!

Custom 9'10 Pintail

Here's a recent custom pintail we did for a guy named Rick.

Sanded Gloss. Mahogany Pin fin by Gully.

I was particularly fond of the colors on this one.

old ads part3

1989 A few more of those very classic ads from the 80s, when the surf industry wasn't quite as slick as it is now; but if I had a time machine I'd go back there now to uncrowded lineups, all those different boards available and ...Maggie Thatcher?
surf scene girls '82

Adam Melling wins O’Neill Cold Water Classic.....

The first event of the 2011 O’Neill Cold Water Classic at Gisborne, New Zealand was clinched by Aussie surfer Adam Melling today, claiming the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) six-star event over Brazilian surfer Willian Cardoso.

The Pines on Wainui Beach was the set stage for the final in clean 1.5m waves. Despite a horrid forecast of gale force onshore winds for today, a miraculous turn around in weather had the beach crowded with spectators, witnessing and absorbing the action that unfolded in the last seven heats.

Melling pulled off a 15.20 out of a possible 20 points to secure the win, and it made the win even more special given he was celebrating his 26th birthday. “I am 26 today and I won the final… I am stoked” said Melling.

“Pretty fun out there, it turned on for the final.  Even though the tide come up there were still sets.  It was a little slow at the start but came on in the end, last 90 seconds anyway” added Melling of his last minute victory after scoring an 8.03 point ride for two huge forehand turns with only seconds to spare.”

“At the start of the heat there, I was looking back in at the beach and I was thinking wow I don’t have any waves.  I missed one at the start and I was freaking out a bit and Willian was down the beach but I knew I was in a good spot and if a ‘sucky’ one came in I knew I could bang out the turns and get the score.”

Melling received $20,000 USD for the win and moves up one place on the ASP One World Rankings to 23rd and hopes to be able to attend more O’Neill Cold Water Classic events in a bid to win the Series and claim the $50,000 USD prize money for the Series win.

Despite placing second scoring 13.67 points after holding the lead for more than 29 minutes, Cardoso was still happy with his result today. “I am so stoked, it was a really really fun day.”

  “I did my best in the final and I take an 8.5 on my first wave and only need a backup and I got 5.0 on my second wave.  Adam is a great surfer and on the world tour.  The last second he changed the result but I am stoked to get a great start to the year” said Cardoso who has been travelling in motor homes with eleven of his Brazilian friends enjoying waking up at the beach each day and enjoying the New Zealand coastline.

In third place were Australians Tom Whitaker and Stu Kennedy. By way of his third place, Whitaker jumped one place on the ratings to 32nd pushing Bobby Martinez (USA) to 33rd.

Final results from the O’Neill Cold Water Classic – Gisborne completed today (Tuesday 29th March).

Heat 1 - Adam Melling, AUS defeated Gony Zubizarreta, ESP
Heat 2 - Tom Whitaker, AUS defeated Joan Duru, FRA
Heat 3 - Willian Cardoso, BRA defeated Thiago Camarao, BRA
Heat 4 - Stu Kennedy, AUS defeated Miguel Pupo, BRA

Heat 1 - Adam Melling, AUS defeated Tom Whitaker, AUS
Heat 2 - Willian Cardoso, BRA defeated Stu Kennedy, AUS

Adam Melling, AUS defeated Willian Cardoso, BRA

Neverland goes to Sweden....

Darren Smith owner of the coolest club in town - Neverland, came into the D'Arcy Factory today to chill out and customise (paint) his new D'Arcy stick....check it out!!! Swedish meatballs anyone?

Asher Pacey gets the cover of Tracks Mag again....

Check out the latest April Issue of Tracks Mag featuring Asher Pacey on the cover. Asher and Parko skipped south over the border and into some bulbous reef caverns...Cyclone Sandwich - Vania and Bianca

Ishino's Wedding (owner of Barrels Surf Shop Japan)

Ishino, owner of longstanding core surf shop Bar'rels in Osaka and stockist of D'Arcy Surfboards for many, many years just got married to beautiful Kyoko in a western style wedding last Saturday! Congratulations Ishino and Kyoko...from the D'Arcy Surfboards Team

On Saturday, April 2, from 6 p.m.-10 p.m., Surfindian will host a special event to benefit earthquake and tsunami-ravaged Japan. The fundraiser will include live and silent auctions, live music from The Red Fox Tails, food, drinks and other surprises. Surfboards, art and other items will be auctioned off from shapers, artists and businesses including Skip Frye, Michael Miller, Steven Mast, Jim Phillips, Manuel C. Caro, Mike Hynson, Koji Toyoda, Yusuke Hanai, Damian Fulton, Devon Howard, Julie Cox, Skye Walker, Jay Watson, Jamie Watson, Cher Pendarvis, Elise Kirkpatrick, Meegan Feori, Seitaku ”Tak” Aoyama, Susan Wickstrand, Christine Brailsford, Kassia Meador, Tyler Warren, Taylor Dunfee, Sam Cody and many more. All money raised from the auctions or otherwise donated will be given to the U.S.-Japan Council, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Surfindian is a surf shop and gallery located in Pacific Beach, California. Surfindian features art-driven, small batch products that reflect an individualized approach to the art of surfing.

4652/4658 Mission Blvd.
Pacific Beach, CA 92109

Jesse on Mr Blanc

These are some of the great images taken by Cory White of Jesse Watson of Black Apache Surfboards shaping a board for him.
Check out the others and his interview at :