Thinking of our friends in Japan as they try to get back on their feet

These photos were taken near the nuclear power plant outskirts in Fukushima in 2010.

They may never be able to surf there again due to contamination

All photos by : Kenyu /On The Board/Marine publishing company Japan

" Dear Friends,

This is the biggest disaster ever seen in JAPAN.
The earthquake of magnitude 9 overcame the wide coastline at 2:26pm on March 11, and the tsunami attacked from Tohoku to North Kanto in the 30 minutes by being generated in the Tohoku coast. The tsunami waves were 14 metres max in front of the nuclear power plant. The tsunami was made momentarily, attacked the long coastline, and destroyed up to ten kilometres or more inland.

A lot of surf points are scattered in this region. A lot of fatal blows were received. Moreover, a lot of surf shops near the beach disappeared too. Several thousand corpses went up to the coastline in the afternoon though it was uncertain whether there was persons who was surfing there. The above-mentioned life of 10,000 people was over in a moment, they were deprived, resulting in several hundred thousand victims. In addition, damage reached the nuclear plant, the radiation began to leak, and the evacuation order went out to the residents in the 20 kilometre radius. The fire fighting of the nuclear plant continues still as of today, March 26. The number of disaster evacuees keeps increasing too and it has became the worst disaster in the history of Japan.

The surf point from the Tohoku region to North Kanto received a huge amount of damage, and the surf point of Fukushima in particular, received a fatal blow. When it comes to restoration for the future, damage will continue to be serious throughout the rescue operation as it is now. I would like you to please lend help for the revival of Japan. Please hold out help to Japan that fights against the earthquake, the tsunami, the radioactivity, and the harmful rumours. The people who lost family, friends, houses, pets and everything are asking for help.

It is not time for tears in Japanese right now, we never give up and we will work hard until the country is revived. "

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Best regards

Tadashi Yaguchi /Japanese surfer who lives in Newport Beach, Sydney Northern beaches since 1998.