Eye of the Storm

We just got our first storm system of the season so thought I'd post the nice fall colored board I did for Nate.This 6'4" swallow tail twinzer is inspired by M.R.'s original twin fin but has a modern rocker and foil. It's built in my styrolite construction, an EPS core with an epoxy lamination. This really gives it a light and zippy feel.

An antique kookbox woodie from legendary New Zealand board builder Denis Quane

Nigel Wells from Christchurch sent us these pictures of an antique hollow wooden surfboard built by New Zealand surfboard building pioneer Denis Quane in the Tom Blake 'kookbox' style of construction.The rounded pintail is quite an unusual shape for this kind of board, and it's in excellent condition. Nigel, who is building a new wooden board to the Power Surfboard ' Duke ' design ( plans available here ) isn't going to sell his board though, even though it is certainly worth a tidy sum, as it has been in his family for many years.A closeup of the tail, judging by the wear on the fin it looks as though the board's pilots have followed the time honoured tradition of riding the board right up the beach and stepping off on to the sandThe cork vent and drain plug, with Dolphin inlay:Simple, sleek lines. Kookboxes might be primitive but they can be beautiful in their simplicity . . .. . and very efficient in the water.Thankyou for the pictures Nigel :)

A Maiden voyage report on a new PPS paulownia noserider from Leon Hines

Here's a first: a PPS ( Parallel Profile System) noserider ! Leon Hines from Papamoa In New Zealand's Bay of Plenty has recently finished building this radical pintailed machine and made the following report after his first session. . . . " Took my board out on sunday for first surf, she sits well in the water, paddles really well and easy to catch waves once I sorted out were to position myself, and man once I plucked up the courage to go out on the nose she came into her own, board seemed to accelerate and just glided down the wave. it will take a bit to get used to surfing on as quite a bit heavier than my epoxy but I love it. Hence the reason I'm after some more wood to build another one. "Diagonally laid deck planking, actually the deck and bottom are a double layer lamination this is the outer layerThis shot reveals the extremely flat rocker and torpedo like look of the board. The rails are a continuous 50/50 round section. . . . simple but effective.Tiger stripes on the rail are due to the ends of the blocking and framing, the end grain on the rails is much stronger and more ding resistant than long grain.Apart from the addition of a flex fin instead of the old style keel fin, Leon's board has a emarkable resemblance to this early hollow board by Denis QuaneA good look at the structure. Plenty of area in the nose !Congratulations Leon :)

Paipo board fun

New Empress wood paipo board3 feet by 18 inches by an inch thick

Halloween Pics via Surfline.com

Check Out Surfline's Article HERE

Pictures of the blackies costume surf contest on Saturday morning.  If you click through to #19 and #20, you'll see some almond representation. 

Happy Halloween

Me, tipping my hat to photographer Tom Cozad.

Levi Prairie, gettin' spooky. (Photo Cozad)

Asher Pacey video!

Here is a short video of team rider Asher Pacey shot during 2004-2006 by Chad Towersey Enjoy!

Introducing.... our newest board model!

Model: Hipstar (pictured is a 5'11 x 19 5/8 x 2 1/2)
4’11” – 6’6”
Ideal conditions
:1-4ft choppy to perfect
Ability level
- Low intermediate to advanced
: The all rounder for 1-5 feet, This board goes off in small to medium waves. D'Arcy is a huge advocate of people riding the right boards, since the majority of surfers are riding boards which are too thin and too narrow. The slightly wider outline and fuller foil originates from Martin Potter’s early nineties power surfing. This model feels sweet under the feet, with lots extra speed for power surfing. The pronounced Hip in the outline also allows for tight radius snaps when needed. This board will perform as good as you can.
: 1-3 inches shorter and ½ inch wider, 1/8 - 1/4 inch thicker
FCS Quad or Thruster
Shaper Quote
: After undergoing extensive research and development, this is what I am riding at the moment. This board will take you "Back to the Future”

Thanks for stooping by and make sure to get your orders in soon, Summer is nearly here and the rush has begun!

Almond is going CORDLESS...

In an effort to bring the enjoyment, peacefulness and smile back into shaping, I am giving my power planer a break. Starting with my personal 9'5 Log (in progress), I am going to shape using exclusively hand tools. It's not an effort to be more environmental, or to save electricity at all.  I started working on by new board with just a hand saw, a surform, and a block plane... it was slow at first, but I soon realized that it was the best time that I've ever had shaping.  No noise, no mess, no rush.

So for the time being, I'm going to pursue this new found method of simplicity.  Most the reason I shape is because it's relaxing when the surf is flat.

I've been using Homeblown's Biofoam blanks for a while now, not entirely because of the whole environmental thing, but it's such an easy medium to work with.  No itchy eyes or skin.  These days, I can pull out a blank, throw it on the racks, turn on some tunes, work on it for a while, dump out my bucket of shavings, dust off the front of my t-shirt, and be done.  It's been such a perfect set up.

The first electricity-free log should be heading to the glass shop soon.  I'll keep you posted...

Keep Stylin'

Grass is Greener

Check out this blog... they've got some great stuff, and a real solid approach to surfing, culture and life.

They even did a little bit on Almond... Take a Look.

Surfing in Bangladesh!!!

Check out Russell Brownley's vimeo site - there is a teaser for viewing on a trip he recently documented with Surfing the Nations in Bangladesh! Radical stuff! A surfboard I made for him was taken and surfed there! I have to admit - I had to look at google to even find out where in the heck Bangladesh was..........


There is an endless amount of color combinations. Sometimes you find them with out even looking for them. 

A Shaper's Quiver

For many years now my performance, "go to" quiver has consisted of 3 boards. The 6'2" squash is for the average, waist to slightly overhead surf. This board is a good grovel board and likes softer waves. The 6'4" round pin is the utility, all around board for head high to 8 foot surf. This board has the biggest range and during fall and winter in Santa Cruz gets surfed the most. The 6'9" is simply an extended version of the 6'4" with a pulled in tail. This board gets whipped out when the surf has a bit more grunt, in the 8 - 12 foot range. Anything bigger than that and I move into my gun quiver which is another story. For this year I put a little more curve into the outlines which I'm really digging. All in all, a 3 board quiver like this has treated me well. What kind of quiver is working for you?

I Like to Surf

Gantez Warrior - I Like to Surf

AP sighting!

Here is the latest Asher Pacey sighting... Last week on an island somewhere north of the Gold Coast, Asher and crew scored fun 2-4 ft waves.

Pic: Shieldsy (coastalwatch.com)

This is a 5'8" quad fish shaped this morning.

More ultimate wave tools Makaha

Flexibility in this board is incredible, if it is laid carefully deck down on the floor ( supported nose and tail ) the slight 'bump' makes it take on a visible rhythm for a couple of seconds, it just sits there bouncing softly up and down it is SO sensitive to any movement !The whole board is pre tensioned like a drum. It has about 2 inches of flex on a land test using only a fairly gentle push with the hand.I know what that means, it means that it's a slingshot !When the rider weights and unweights the board it responds with a gentle twang, this motion drives the tail up and down and transfers the energy through the underwater foil of the tunnel. . . . . . into forwards motion.The board literally comes aliveA luxury surfboard with perfect suspension like a Roll Royce.it's an ultimate experience !

Gantez Show Last Night

Here are some pictures from Dylan and Levi's show at Active Ride Shop at the Irvine Spectrum last night...

P.S. They killed it.

Ultimate wave tools: The Makaha 12-9 tunnel finned pintail

After ten months of creation the incredible 12-9 Empress wood 'Makaha' model is finished. It is one very fast surfboard, with a powerful twang like a true war bow.This machine eats regular 'Malibu' boards for breakfast.Designed by noted New Zealand shaper, author and researcher Roy Stewart , these limited edition collectable surfboards are all painstakingly handmade to exacting design specifications, based on countless hours spent in the detailed study and documentation of original surfboards.They are not replicas or recreations -- they are originals, and although they look and feel like period pieces, they out-perform them.No short-cuts, no compromises. Just the real thing.The price with a custom fitting surf tubes kodra travel case puts this beautiful board firmly in the expensive luxury Christmas gift category: US $20,000Available to be shipped now, to order email Roy@olosurfer.comMost expensive surfboard: Power surfboards 'Makaha' model empress wood pintailNeiman Marcus gift catalogue: Most expensive luxury surfboard .Fully functional surfboard art sculpture.

The Tale of Tails

Like a good pack rat I've collected my share of tail templates. And being a bit fastidious I keep them sorted by shape. Squash tails to the right, round pins in the middle, and random curves to the left. The center, top, round pin template is one I made over 25 years ago and it still gets play on a regular basis. The nifty hieroglyphic marks on the templates are how I keep track of what curves I use on each customer's board.

New Shirts!

{SEA}rcy and I finished the new shirts for the Pepperdine Fashion Show today.

Here's a look at the new shirts...

If you want to see more, come join us on Nov. 12 at Pepperdine University.  We'll be selling stuff right after the show.

6'6 pintail

i live in south carolina.....why would i shape this for myself......???!!!!!

Finally some SURF!!!

We were finally fortunate enough to get a marginal groundswell after about a month and a half of locally generated swell and NE winds. An east coast low formed off the coast this week delivering fun 3-4 foot waves across Northern NSW and the Gold Coast. Snapper seemed a bit fat, Greenie seemed to be the pick with D'bah not working properly. There were also some fun looking waves at Byron main beach. It was just nice to be back in the water, the weather was beautiful and the sun was shining. We are so fortunate to live in paradise.

Pic:Shieldsy from coastalwatch.com


Congrats Coco!

Here is thirteen year old D'Arcy team rider Coco Beeby (D'Arcy, Sonic Surf, OAM) from Scotts Head. Coco took 1st place the under 18 Girls division last week in the Barney Miller memorial contest held at Coffs Harbour. Here she is standing tall with her magic stick and 1st place trophy. Coco has a promising career ahead of her, already beating girls five years her senior.
Good on ya Coco! Keep Ripping!

The Green Hornet

Matt is a big bloke at 6'5" and pushing 2 bills. Yet he surfs a performance shortboard with the nimble quickness of any welter weight emulating the latest WCT moves. But being a savvy guy his golf (surf) bag is full of clubs. For quite some time we have been recreating a vintage Lightning Bolt diamond tail he dragged in claiming it's magical abilities.I believe this is the 4th edition in the past ten years. I managed to whip this one out for an Indo Trip.I was left green with envy.