Gantez Warrior Shirt

The long-awaited Gantez shirts are in... snag one before they run out (or Levi customizes all of them with scissors.)

If you must have an explanation of what Gantez Warrior is:

Couple of swordfish

Moonlights showroom has a couple different size swordfish available. They also have a 6'2" dialer in their showroom. If your in the market for a modern performance fish these boards are definitely worth a look. Well priced, all the boards come with fins, all gloss and polish finish.

if your interested you can reach Moonlight glassing at 760-942-3319 or email them at

This is a 9'6" nose rider I shaped custom for Brian. Two tone lamination with a red resin band.
(If anyone wants me to post a board I made for them just ask.)


Brand new Almond shirts are in.  More pictures coming soon....

Under the Sun

I went to the Lido Premier of Cyrus Sutton's new movie "Under the Sun" last night.  Let me just say that I was thoroughly impressed.  It was way more that you average surf clips put to music flick.  He summarized two conflicting cultures in an amazingly complete, unbiased fashion and included some witty animations to set himself apart from your average surf-movie director.  The cinematography was incredible, reminded me of One California Day.

All in all, great job Cyrus.  If you get a chance to see this movie, don't miss it.

Delicious Quadular Bass!!!

Here is Greg Detra's new ride - 5'9 x 19 Quad
I really want to keep it for myself - its going to be hard to leave it in the racks for this labor day swell Greg!

I shaped this nose rider for a friend and she said to do whatever I wanted for the color and this is what came out. Dennis designed and foiled the fin for this one also.

Six foot 'Nugget' with spitfire fin

The board and fin are not polished yet, but here's the setup:

Asher Pacey sighting!

D'Arcy team rider Asher Pacey has been spotted getting some great waves on the NSW coast this past weekend! While the rest of the boys were surfing Snapper with everyone else, Asher scored some empty waves all to himself. He surfs more than anyone we know, and this is why he is one of the world's greatest free-surfing talents.

Can you name this break? send your answers to for a chance to win a prizepack!

In the meantime, check out this super sick video of Asher riding one of our new models...

Nice nose rider fin Daniel made for us. 

The Makaha 12-9 revealed

The War Pony

Leslie called last week and told me to get my tucchus up to the Fattyshack.
"You got a bunch of boards ready and they need to get off my racks," she said. "Including the War Pony."
I had no idea what the hell the War Pony was, but Fatty works with some pretty gnarly chemicals and sometimes forgets her mask, so I let things slide.
The next day found me at the 'shack, loading boards into the minivan. Leslie disappeared, and a moment later strange sounds began to emerge from her shop, quietly at first--mouth harp, whistling, the grunting of several men, and...pan flute?
The music swelled and, right on cue, Leslie emerged with a board held over her head like some giant beast she had killed in the forest and was now bringing back to the village to save us from a long-endured hunger.
(Press 'play' to help recreate scene)

A melody formed, led first by twangy guitar, but soon overtaken by voice and strings.
Suddenly, I knew: the swelling score, the mix of instrumentation that made me want to grunt commands to a nervous looking woman--this could only be Morricone, maestro of the American West, creator of the sounds that launched Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood into Spaghettidom!
Leslie, the War Pony thrust aloft, freshly polished gloss coat glinting in the sun, marched toward me in perfect time with the snare drum.
The music reached a crescendo.
I felt joyous, triumphant, a little thirsty. I wanted to get in a gunfight, squint, chew on a thin stogie, command a child to fetch things for me, entrusting them with my most valuable belongings for I had learned to trust no adults.
Then, the music stopped.
"The War Pony," Leslie said, holding the board out for my inspection. It was a high performance fish I had dropped off a few weeks ago.
"Why War Pony?" I asked.
"Why not?" she asked, shrugging. Then added, "You staying for a beer?"

So the War Pony left its stable and awaited pickup as an official Bedroomer (some boards you just can't leave in the shop), as pictured below.

However, one evening the usually understanding and magnanimous Mrs. HHG caught me staring at a little too long at the War Pony, so back into the shop the War Pony went.

p.s.--that purple carpet was here when we moved in.

Russel loves his new fish...............

no words necessary..........

FAQ: " Why are Power Surfboards so expensive ?? "

To this frequently asked question the short answer is that the boards are so highly priced because that's what one has to pay to get one!However this quote from should put things in perspective:" For the average self employed craftsperson to make a living in North America in 2003 they must charge a shop rate of at LEAST $100/hr. I will not go into the detailed breakdown but if they charge anything less then they can (and do) end up making minimum wage or less. A master craftsperson should be able to charge more. Their education is that of a doctorate, a Phd. or equivalent. No matter how it was obtained, their education cost them time, their life's blood, AND money."

Power Quiver: The D11-9 and the future Primitive 13

The D 11-9USD $18kDelivery time 7 monthsThe Future Primitive 13 Pipeline OloUSD $19kDelivery time 7 months

Just finished this 9'6" contemporary long board that I shaped for Kate.
Sorry I've been busy lately. I'll try to get back to regular blogging now. 
I did this neapolitan ice cream lamination for my old boss Chris. Looks sweet right?

T-Shirts are here!!!!!!!!

American Apparel Track Shirt - AKA softest best fitting t-shirt in the universe. S,M,L,XL
Give me a shout if you want one!

Designed by THE Ty Williams of
Printed by the infamous Greg Detra of

Flex and complex harmonics in the new 12'9"

Once a new board is built we test the flex and the harmonics of the board be bending it and hitting it to see how it resonates and flexes. This board when struck set up at least two vibrations: a fast one like a buzz and a slow one whih travelled visibly up and down the board like a pulse. It's a little bi hard to see in the video below because the faster vibration isn't visible and sometimes only two of the four observable pulses can be seen on the clip, but here it is anyway:

12-9 progress: deck and bottom sanded

Three hours of hand sanding with 36 grit and the bottom and deck are almost done.

Mazey goes to Teahupoo!

D'Arcy Team rider Brenton Mazey went to Chopes a couple weeks ago, lucky bloke! Mazey was greeted by a beautiful 6-8 ft. Teahupoo swell then initiated by snapping his biggest board (6'6) on his first wave. "You really have to commit to this wave hey?" Said Mazey. By the looks of it, for sure.

Mazey and his Tahiti Quiver

Committed Pigdog!

It is so easy to get caught up in the natural beauty of this place, only to met by the Beast at the "end of the road"

Thanks for dropping in Mazey! Keep Ripping!


Good to be back in our (not so!) chilly waters after spending an unplanned extra day watching lightning storms descend upon JFK. I've always wondered what it's like to entertain a 1.5 year old in an airport for 18 hours, and now I know. It kind of sucks.

Cool inland temps lately have created smooth coastal conditions.

Almost felt warm enough to ditch the hood!