Peanut-shaped Cashew by Almond

Griffin has been wanting to try shaping an alaia for a while (however we're still pretty far from getting him to try one)

So I gave him creative freedom to experiment with one of the Obeche wood blanks yesterday.

It resulted in a beautiful 5'10, peanut-inspired alaia that looks insanely fun.

Oden documented the process.

5 times 1/8"

5-stringer Surf Thump for Camera Oden.

Photo: Oden

Onion Sweatshirt

New front-zip hoodie for Spring. Available here.

Obeche Wood Alaia Blanks

Obeche wood alaia blanks are now available here at the shop.

Obeche is native to Africa, and is infinitely better for making alaias than anything you'll find at your hardware store.

Perfect compliment to your copy of Tom's Creation Plantation


9'2 Surf Thump

Alejandro came by to pick up his new surf thump.

The 5ft 8" Cotton Fish

Great shape and combination of wood and fabric

You just have to love the grain and detail
Felipe Siebert from Brasil is forever building beautiful wooden boards and they just get cleaner and simpler . Great detail and this board with the use of fabric is such a nice combination. Love what he does and if you want to check it out : or

4Wsim a paulownia wood Quad finned 5'8"

Here's the planshape for the 4Wsim which will be a pea in the same pod or quiver as the 'Original Sim' 5-6The surfboard is a thin 3 layer parallel profile spoon construction, with 4 spitfire finsLength is 5'8" width is 23.5" thickness is 1 and 5/8"Here's the internal frame layer ready for glue upThe fin plan for the 'Original Sim' 5'6" is elliptically based. Complete plans for both boards will be published in hard copy soon, the boards are also available in kit form, with a pre rockered blank and fin panels. . . all that's needed is rail and bottom contour shaping, and an oil finish !

Sneaky Preview

 This ones gonna be a sick single fin. More style than you know what to do with. This is a preview pic of the bottom. It looks different bc it hasn't been fill/hot coated yet.

Custom for Super Rob!

This is a great all around shortboard replacement. This is a more realistic daily driver for the waves in our area. Rob wanted something that will paddle well enough to compete with the loggers and still crank some turns. This is a variation of my small egg with a little straiter outline. It has a little more curve than the pictures show. Sorry no nice backdrop bc its storming like crazy outside.

6'0 x 20 x 2.5

More Von Sol Switchfooting Going Down...

Switchfoots Chad Butler Surfer /Drummer
Von Soling to the BEAT of a Double Black Diamond.

First Customers

These two hats were for my first customer. My friend Jeff bought these for himself and his girl friend. They were super stoked on the hats and Jeff said he has been getting a bunch of compliments on it since he has started wearing it. Thanks for the support Jeff!

Start them young...

Young Cain Pridmore from Yamba is 11 years old and following in his dads footsteps as a shaper. Here he is with a stringerless 5ft 2" x 19" x 2 1/2" fish for himself. Under his dad Mark's guidance he was into it. He also likes to get into the artwork for boards and so it will be good to see the finished board. Never too young to start making foam dust.Good one mate.

More Bilbos

Some more Bilbo longboards beautifully preserved in the Gul collection, showing the variations in stringers, logo and design.
I think this is the original logo with slanted lettering.
Chris Jones shape from the end of the 60s with wild west style lettering.
Rod Sumpter model, if anyone has one of these tucked away in their garage let me know.
Two stock Bilbos and a 1963 hollow ply board built by Newquay carpenter Tony Brewer. Thanks to Gul and Alex for the shots.

A hot Hot Curl, too good not to share

Is this not one of the most beautiful boards you have seen ? A great mix of grains and colours and so beautifully crafted. I came across this and just had to put it out the. The board was built by Dennis Murphy who has been making boards for some 40 years in foam Redwood or Balsa.

Check out Dennis at :