Watch Out Slater, Shane-O's Back

We over here at Isle Surfboards caught wind of a story concerning a young 13 year old surfer from San Diego who had his board stolen. The theives broke into young Shanes parents house and in a garage full of his dads surfboards decided to take Shanes and leave the others behind. Not too mention his parents said he saved up 2 years to buy the surfboard that was stolen. It flashed me back to my grommethood and how much i cherished my first real stick. So i said lets get this young man back in the water and pony up a board on Isle Surfboards dime for a good cause. I emailed the news station and told them to tell Shane-O to swing by the warehouse for a free stick on the house. And the next day they showed up with cameras rolling. I got to make my television debut and Shane got a new stick. Watch out Kelly Slater, Shane-O's back.

Click here to see the video of the story

So What up with Stand Up?

Well here is the deal. We just added them to our line in mid 2007 and for good reason. Not only is it super fun but the workout can be pretty intense which makes it a good cross train when the surf is flat. I opted for the wood paddle rather than the carbon and it felt good. It took a little while to get used to but after a few hours i was paddling into anything. Funny thing is you get in early and ride it to the shoulder and just kick out and keep on going without any stopping or laying down. A few days later i took it out in the bay for a day paddle and it was great just for cruising with no waves. Not to mention when you get back on your shortboard you feel extra powerfull since you are used to controlling a 12 foot monster. As for selecting a good board the first thing to consider is the center width. Most smaller guys under 6ft and less than 180lbs should go with around 28"-29" inches wide. Any shorter is pushin it. If you think you might cruise more then go wider. Now your bigger guys 6ft or larger 200lbs plus should stick with 30"-31", granted if you are a very skilled surfer then you can always go narrower. As for the thickness we offer around 4 1/2" to 4 3/4", These are a touch thicker and good for crusing. As for the paddles you can select either a carbon fiber paddle or wood. I like to keep it old school and roll with the wood but i have heard good things about the carbon.You can check out the paddle board selection by clicking here. Also i have some pics of the session on the 12fter back when the water was warm.

Click here for the Stand Up Paddle Session

Reef Board Build Off

Super stoked and honored to have been part of the Reef Board Build Off for the recent ASR show. Built a 5'10" x 19.625" x 2.325" Lola quad with glass on tinted blue bamboo quads from Marlin a 101 fin Co.

Lyles winter quiver

My Madman friend Lyle showed up the other day with these two works of art that Dick Brewer Hand shaped for him. Beautiful, scary boards that put my stomach in my throat just imagining the waves their intended for. I've put them next to my recently shaped 9'6" Mavs gun for perspective.
The big one is a 12' 1" single fin and the other is 11'6" thruster. Lyle cannot wait to put them to use.