Day Trippin'

This is one of the places we consider our backyard. It's a short drive from town but seems worlds away at times. The scale of the land and the curve of the coast let you know that these places still have some wild to them. Today was my boys' first surf trip to the famed cove. A perfect pint sized day for the groms.Remnants of the old coast highway are a reminder of days past. A very special thanks to Gary Strachan for his stewardship of this reserve.

Shaper or Scraper??!!

Who built your board? A Shaper or Scraper? Can your Shaper surf? Not sure? Then you better check out the latest issue of Tracks mag for an interview with the main man...D'Arcy. Can't get your hands on a Tracks Surfing mag? Your in luck! Click on the article below for a zoomed version.
D'Arcy testing a new design (the bomb) at Snapper
photo:Joli (

Thanks for dropping in! but don't "drop in"

Contact Info

call: 831 459 0868email: ward@wardcoffeyshapes.comaddress: 402 Ingalls St #13B, Santa Cruz, CA 95060hours: Tue - Sat 10 - 4 These hours are flexible. Appointments are always a good idea, feel free to give me a call.

Spitfire-Tunnel fin for the 12-9 Makaha

The fins are shown here with the main Spitfire cutaway fin sitting in its slot and the tunnel fin placed in position, it will actually be a bout 3/8ths of an inch lower once set in to the board.There are 73 pieces of paulownia in the tunnel fin, which is a two layer lamination with a wool/polyester blend cloth in between the laminations. The fin is glassed on the outside with bamboo cloth and the inside is resin coated.Six laminations of paulownia are used in the main spitfire fin, with 36 pieces in total. This cutaway fin has developed from the original spitfire fin to the point where it is hardly recognisable as a spitfire fin, but we still use the name as it is an upright planform fin using ellipitical leading and trailing edges.

Going Green

This is my latest "grass roots" attempt at making a "greener" surfboard.

Off to the Glass Shop

Jeremy's New Log

Our prized artist, Jeremy Searcy, with his prized work of art.

Jeremy and I worked on this board together, but he gets most
of the well-deserved credit.

This one is a little narrower in the nose and tail, and a little thinner throughout, making for a little bit more progressive of a shape
than the Lumberjack.

Still has 50/50 rails and a very low rocker outline.

Action shots pending...

Congratulations Eden!

Super Grom Eden Putland has added another great contest result to her resume. Eden placed 4th (under 16's) in the Ocean and Earth Teenage Rampage event held yesterday Sept. 24 at D-bah in peaky 2-3ft. conditions. She also placed 2nd in the round robins category. "Eden has become quite a little powerhouse" said D'Arcy. Looks like the judges agree according to Edens contest season!

Photo from
Interesting trophy hey?
Dont worry Eden there are heaps more to come!
A huge good on ya from the D'Arcy Team! Keep Rippin!

Happy Customer!

The best part of producing quality high performance surfboards is seeing the smile on a customers face. Anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to have a custom board or a new board at all can tell you the sort of emotional attachment that accompanies the homecoming of a new craft.

Even better still, is the smile on a young grommets face when the set their eyes and hands on their new board. There is something about a grom getting a board, knowing that they are stoked about surfing and having fun, not hassling or jockeying/dropping in or having an ego in the water. For example, here is 10 year old Jake Danielsen. Jake is happy to splash around in the shore break sometimes not catching a wave at all, catching waves is just a bonus. It seems that alot of people today including grommets, are losing the essence and the "soul" of surfing. What are we teaching the future of surfing?

10 y/o Jake Danielsen with his new craft

Here is young Jake, a little worried D'Arcy is going to take his board back!

So remember not to drop in! The future of surfing is at risk!
Congrats to Aussie Adrian Buchan for beating Kelly Slater in the final of the Quik Pro France!
Mundaka starts next week, stay tuned!!

Almond | TOMS Shoes | Krochet Kids

Just a taste of what's to come.

Gantez Warrior @ TOMS Event

It's confirmed... The Oct. 5th event with  TOMS will feature
live music provided by Gantez Warrior.

The Curve surf and art shop now open

Friday the 22rd of August saw the opening of a new surf/art concept store located in Currumbin on the Gold Coast.  Owners Daniel MacDonald & Rebekah Clarke hosted the event with an eye pleasing array of colour and art including canvas creations from the likes of Richard Harvey, Sean Scott, Nicholas Chalmers and Christian Chapman among many more.  Daniels two labels, Daniel MacDonald Surfboards (Classic) and DMS (Performance) cover a broad range of surfboards including single fins, twin fins, longboards, hybrids and performance boards.  Psychodelic resin tint and pigment designs and classic volane triple stringers were obvious talking points on the night.  The wine flowed freely and the event bought many industry types together.  This pair have created a haven for artists to display their pieces, with the likes of aboriginal registered artist Colin Wightman contributing his artistic flair over resin tint twin fin surfboards.  Also stocking Pene Fins, a diverse range of single fins, longboard fins and twin fins as well as handmade patchwork board socks, poska pens and surf accessories.  If you are looking for something unique, be sure to make your way down to The Curve….surf stuff at 1/35 Currumbin Creek Rd, Currumbin, Queensland.

Or you can find them online ! 

Noseriding and cross stepping is detrimental to longboard design

Noseriding is a recent abomination which the innocent surfers pre 1950 didn't have to worry about. . . . they could just ride waves without having to do certain prescribed actions in order to be socially acceptable.There are many technical easons why noseriding is silly, the main one being that it slows the board down.As for shuffling, it's way more efficient than cross stepping. How many boxers do you see cross stepping ? Cross stepping is ugly, unstable and dysfunctional.This whole 'good style' thing is ridiculous , there's no such thing as good style there's only wave riding, all this extra social baggage applied to it is just a useless burden.It's like saying that there's a 'kosher' style of meditation . . . . surfing is like meditation it's where you are at that counts not what people on the beach think you look like according to their highly socialised fashion sense. . . it's just BEING THERE that counts.Being one with the wave is the opposite of trying to adopt a socially acceptable 'style'.Worrying about appearances prevents the surfer from becoming one with the wave.Being there is not a style !blog directory

The Heat is On

Did I mention my shop gets hot?

The official start to fall brought scorching temps to the North Bay. Took a break this afternoon, found a shady nook in the backyard, and set about foiling some fins.

Cold Tecates were involved.

Seaworthy Premier & Ryan Tatar Photos

Be sure to drop by Shelter on Saturday Night...

Ryan Tatar is a super talented photographer from San Diego who is as plugged-in in the alternative surf scene as anyone you'll find.
I've seen the preview for Seaworthy, and it looks like it won't disappoint anyone. Don't miss it!
Fin maker Daniel Partch made this for me. It looks nice so I hung it up in the factory.

Peter's 5'6" Fish

An epoxy fish with glass-on speed dialer fins? Yep, you bet, light and zippy. Peter's pretty stoked but I think it's because we matched the logo to his red shoes.

Lance's Convertible Fun Gun

Lance has been getting boards from me for a while and has his equipment dialed. On this board, we've increased the range of his standard go-to board. The quad set up really flies on those fat high tide days.And the thruster set up feels rock solid in the grinding barrels. Net result: your beach cruiser now has an extra set of gears.

Reno Dave's Noserider

Reno Dave's a great guy. His 9'10" was a treat to make. In fact, I never get tired of the classics. Triple stringers in dark wood and volan with a clean lap cut is enough to make one's heart soar. Doug and Dave at Santa Cruz Board Builder's Guild did a great job.

Single Fin Red

This board came out sweet. Wide point forward and crisp edges throughout. The Rainbow 7.5 TK Flex really ads spring and pop to the ride.

At least there are waves somewhere....

Long time D'Arcy surfboards customer Paul has just returned from overseas with some photos from his trip. We are so jealous! Glad to see someone has been getting waves, whereas on the Gold Coast we have been battling bloody NE winds! Hopefully there is some swell on the way! In the mean time, Check out these great images!

Cheers for the awesome images Paul! Keep ripping and don't worry your new board is on it's way! Don't forget to catch the Quik Pro in France which is on this week!