i love quads

i love quads

i love double trim tints

i love gloss and polish

another one of my creations finds some friends to make a quiver with

Gully Glides

Gully riding his 8'10 Lumberjack at Blackies
Wet gloss always makes boards look good.
Larry Crow just finished up these resin bands for this three stringer fish. I think it all looks good together.

Water Camera Footage

Off to San Francisco for the weekend. Enjoy this little video in the meantime.

Thanks to Jeff for standing in the freezing cold water and filming.

Indo 2002 – Afulus pre-quake…


Tim pre-bonzer on a  6’10” Jim Banks panel V thruster

Graham Nile and Summer haze singlefins

Jim from St Austell has sent photos of some of his boards. Here's one from St Austell's most famous surfer Graham Nile. Nile was a big powerful goofy footer who was on the British team at the 1972 World Championships, and won the European title in '73 and the British title in '76. He started shaping in the early 70s and opened a surf shop in St Austell.
Here's a rare board on the summer haze label; Jim got it from a guy who bought it in the 70s, and before that it was owned by a lifeguard at Croyde, and had apparently been used in a conest by ex British champ Richard Carter. Thanks for the photos Jim.
Graham Nile 1975

Pick Your Color

Taylor Allee

Here's a portrait that Oden snapped of Taylor.

Used 9'9 Nathan Adams Model

Nate's Personal Trade in - $550

Huck finishes his first board in style.

Huck has just finished his first wooden board , a 6'8" retro fish that came out at 17.75lb completed. He has created his own construction method and gone about things a little differently to others. But ended up with a great looking board.Nice tidy build job and great finish. Well done.
If you would like to follow his board built check out :

{Circus Act}

Oden balancing a Lumberjack on his chin.

Photo: iLightner

Making fins

No wonder everyone else does them on milling machines!

Handmade EVO6 set: American ash bonzer side fins and EVO6 birch 12 ply with 4 x 6 oz azure insides and 2 x 6 oz white outsides. Cut out and templated ready for foiling.


More stain…

Foam stained the deck last night to get it ready for glassing today. Templated the fins too, foil them tomorrow. So hopefully have this FreakFish in the  water in a couple of weeks…


Asher Pacey H2O

Here is the newest teaser from the boys at Circulate pictures...
Way of the ocean is gonna be the sickest surf film of 2010 hands down.
The quality of the equipment, cinematography and talent within this group of filmmakers is through the roof!


The 'Duke' 9'3"

Loosely inspired by the Duke Kahanamoku boards of the 1920's and 30's the 'Duke' model is a wolf in sheep's clothing.Vital statistics:9'3" by 27" by 2"SquaretailCutaway D finHollow Paulownia constructionWeight 25 pounds

The " Vicous Kanid" by More Surfboards

Mark Pridmoe from Yamba has been on the Bat Tail trail for a couple of years now and the Vicous Kanid is his latest creation. This is a 5'9" x 20 1/2" x 2 5/8" , glassed in 2oz Innegra cloth and a quad setup.
If you would like to see what else he is up to , go to : www.moresurfboards.com

Tris by Hillsey

Heres a Tris shaped by Mark Hills that I picked up recently. Its an early 80s 5'10 with grip deck and three fins and a cool spray. Its been surfed hard though, needs a big dose of tlc - just wish it was in better condition.

Jae | Crossed Up

Jae, getting 10-kinds of stylish on one of the first Lumberjack models.

Theostyle | Kookumber

Just came across this photo of a Kookumber that Theo painted on a few months ago for a benefit.

Adrian Knott | Liquid Salt

Our Aussie friend, Adrian Knott, who designed this gem of a shirt for us, was just featured on Liquid Salt.

Check out the article HERE.

In Memory Of

Leonard's Quad Kneeboard in Tribute to his son passed away about a year ago.

The Turtle Whisperer.. Peder Beck..

Hello My Little Friend...

I Love You, I Really Do...

Peder Beck and one of the only survivors that washed up on long beach last week via the LA river.. Peder is the Turtle Whisperer/ Savior

Wild and Wooly

After a nice run of surf and weather this fall and early winter, the door has now been kicked in and through it a series of storms has been pummeling the coast with heavy surf, wind, and rain. This annual scouring of the cliffs and beaches is a reminder that the sands of time wait for no one. When the not so "pacific" ocean is on the march, it inspires awe and respect for it's moods and unrelenting power. A few days brought the low pressure close to shore which meant steep wave periods that sent rouge waves steamrolling through parts of the ocean that rarely see breaking waves. A highlight is that the major rivers are now running and the much anticipated sand flow is in motion. Could it be a river mouth year? Well, as one sage curmudgeon once told me, if there is a big ole log jam flowing down the San Lorenzo River, there most likely will also be a big ole (surfboard) log jam at the river mouth this spring.