Bonzer Quad goes east – FreakFish EVO4

Some feedback from North Cornwall surfer Dougal on the FreakFish he took to Indo… thanks Dougz, send us some pics when you get some:)

hey bud,
Yeah freaky has been great heaps of float, was surfing it at a spot called Passe or mushroom point the other day for a couple of days and she flew.
It was so shallow i nicked the fin a couple of times on the bottom turn but nothing major, she got me in and out of some great barrels,
only 2ft but beautiful hollow barrels!! Great fun.
She's kinda like a twinie with a bit more drive and the channels are interesting never surfed with those before.
Glad you had a great trip in mex and thanks a million for the board. She's just the other kinda feel i was searching for.
Sampai jumpa!

Bonzer quad