King Rat's Hardware

Here is King Rat showing off the fruits of his labors.  2nd place state finish NSSA, 1st place finish Newport Classic.  {On his 9'3 Surf Thump}

Fantasy Friday Shots from

If you haven't heard yet or have been living under a rock, the Gold Coast has been PUMPING for over 2 weeks... Which brings us to apologize for not updating the blog, if you are reading this you can understand why. Need more justification, then just scroll down.

The surf has been well into the 4ft range for most of this time. Over the past weekend the swell grew even more to the 6ft+ range and most spots were maxing out, sweep was unbearable and Jet-Skis littered most spots with cowboys driving them without a clue or a care for the real men who were paddling. Nevertheless, this has been an extraordinary swell event, especially given our forgettable summer. I could begin to try and explain where the swell has come from but there has been that much activity in our swell window it doesnt matter. There is swell.

Photos are taken from to see the unreal video with a full update and explanations please visit this link.

Team rider Asher Pacey post-stall

Bede slotted at Kirra on a really small board

The Bull, Raging in all his glory
Micko on a Kirra speed run
Takin the drop...Saturday the 27th at Burleigh

Sick Backside Pigdog at Burleigh
Hazza on a sucky Kirra BOMB
Monday morning was a bit overcast but still pumping

Bobby Martinez putting his Rincon experience to pratice
Davo-Snappa take off
There was even some lefts to be had, The Wreck

So stay tuned for more updates as the swell is forecast to hit the 8-10ft range this arvo!
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This 9'6" is for my friend Koga-san's wife.
I went to the AB3 on Sunday in Oceanside. It was fun to see everyones work in person.
A lot of good boards and people. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. Those type of events are good for the surfboard industry. No salesmen, just boards and surfing. I brought a few of my personal boards to the event and everyone seemed to be into them. Thanks! They gave out some awards for attendees and my 9'6" Drifter I shaped for Koga-san won for best fins. It had Daniel Partch's tri-fins with wood burned birds on them.--> IMG_1643.JPG
Check AB3 website for all of the winners.  

es.cent.ial wet.suits

Nicked these photos from our friends Carl and Keith, over at Escential Wetsuits.

Expect some big things from them in the future. Maybe even around the shop?

Aloha Is Where You Find It

Gerry Lopez, master of style and grace, was in town to check up on his line of SUP boards that Surftech is producing. The crew called to see if I wanted join them up the coast for a demo session on the boards. The waves were small but clean and a lot of aloha was shared. Afterwards we ended up at our house to talk story. It was nice to catch up and share the things we have in common. Ben and Sam were fascinated with the stories shared. Being a fellow goofy foot, Gerry took to Ben. He now has him convinced that all the best waves in the world are lefts! Who could argue with his point of view?And it is his point of view that makes him such a good role model for young and old. In addition to the images of him on waves, his written word and ability to tell a story stand out. A good example is his recent book, Surf Is Where You Find It. Check it out.

What the.....?

Not to post about Christian every week, but I just stumbled across these photos on wetsand, and couldn't pass them up.

This sequence from the 2009 Noosa Noseriding Contest blows my mind...

Lebron Wach.

More Views of Honu Ala'ia

"Honu", the Sea Turtle, Petroglyph Surfboard

Here is a view of the Bottom showing a 3/8" deep concave that starts about 12" from the nose end and runs throughout the planshape to the tail. Since the board has a convex shape on the deck, its net thickness is really averaging about 1/2 to 5/8" thick. This makes it flex under compression in turns, and a strong snap back to shape, giving you a surprising thrust out of the turn.
Sunset Magazine, July 1927, with modern bathing beauty riding an Alaia surfboard in Waikiki.



Almond Logs | Lightner Photo

Here's a rad shot that Kyle Lightner took at our Grand Opening, 3 weeks ago.  I don't have a clue how he makes stuff look so cool... but I like it.

Newport Classic Contest

"King Rat" took home first place in the Longboard division of today's 10th Annual Newport Classic surf contest, on his extra narrow 9'2 Log Rhythm.

Photo: Oden

Other Almond enthusiasts, Michael Maddox and Taylor Patton finished 3rd and 4th respectively, in a  super-stacked final heat.

Good work boys.

Death threats in Hawaii over the Future Primitive 13 footer

We have heard from two reliable sources on the North Shore of Oahu that the reason why the 13 foot Hawaii Challenge board was kept hidden and out of Garrett McNamara's hands for three months was that the custodian of the board Mr Bill Ward of Haleiwa had received threats that he would be murdered if he let the board out to be surfed.The saga continues as the board is now with friends elsewhere in Hawaii, and is having the new fin installed.Here's a question from a reader:'supersizedsurfer': I don't get it? A million boards a year flown over by all sorts of poeple and they wanna kill over an Olo board? Why is this?It's a board in a million. ... . in fact it's a board in a hundred million !She ( the board ) was getting a lot of attention, prior to the surf industry intervention there was a queue of North Shore surfers lining up to ride the board and Garrett McNamara was dialling in to ride her at 2nd reef pipeline, we had surf photographers, magazines and video guys all amped up to cover it, and it was all all over the NS that it is a really good board, which it is.It's not an olo board in the strict sense of the word, it's a longboard gun, and in our opinion will have a good chance of winning the Eddie Aikau memorial big wave competition.It isn't the first time that this sort of thing has happened, look at the fuss over one skinny aussie ( Wayne Bartholomew ) back in the 70's. . . and look at what they did to Tom Blake.. .. it's pretty much the way the mafia over there operate whenever something or someone great arrives from outside Hawaii, I have a fair idea of who is paying to get the dirty work done too.Some people ruthlessly attack any threat to their total supremacy and control, and make no mistake these boards do threaten the surf industry stranglehold for several reasons: 1) The boards break long accepted design rules upon which the mana of the surf industry is based. 2) They come from New Zealand 3) They come from someone who has refused to join their cartel and is very critical of it. 4) The boards are so much better than any of their longboards that it strikes fear and despair into their hearts when confronted by them in the waterA one word explanation is JEALOUSY.

Fish Fry Japan 2009

If you are thinking of going to the Fish Fry in Japan in June here are some details :

Fishfry 2009 Japan -by Blue Magazine.-

“Fishfry started among the shapers and some maniac surfers in California years ago, its rumor spread around the alternative boarder lovers in the world. Fishfry was held in Australia and England the year before and in New York City , Florida and Portugal , and Japan last year. Fishfry is the uncommercial event where the shapers and lovers who have rare chance meeting, gather, try bording and deepen friendship each other. The 2 nd Fishfry will be held with continuous excitement from the last meeting.”
DATE  Jun 6 th Saturday 8am~Sunset *no rain check
PLACE  Shizunami beach in Shizuoka
PRESENTED BY  Neko publishing limited, Blue. magazine
NAME  Fish Fry Japan 2009 Presented by Blue. Magazine
THEME  Free Trial of Fish board, communication with users and shapers
CHARGE  Free presentation, Free entry
Only surfboard brand following Fish Fry gist, should be Fish or Alternativeboards. Mold board permitted. Fin board are welcomed but must be followed by Fish Fry gist.
REGISTRATION: All shapers, brands and board builders to be entered from 8 to 9am at main booth.
REGULATION  Bring your own tents, teepee, tables, and chairs. The numbers of tents or place will be within the bounds of common sense. No commercial actgivities permitted at the booth. No regulation of the board numbers and display. In case of excess display of one brand, follow the host advice.
TRIAL BOARD  Should be ready for the users. Registration and regulation should be responsible for each brand. Any accident, trouble should be responsible for the brand and users, not be taken care of by the host.
USERS  Some be expected to bring their own. Active communication desired.
PROMOTION  No commercial event, No sales permitted at the booths. Free catalogue, stickers, and sample permitted.

The many faces of the Alley

Yesterday at 6am - a long paddle in the sweep is rewarded.

Cyclone Hamish a couple of weeks ago

1988 - classic Alley by Marty Tullimans

We finished my 5'11" egg from Skip on Wednesday. I surfed it Wednesday night and Thursday night. It's a really fun board for me. So fast. 

This is a 9'2" performance long board. Olive tint with 2 FCS and a box, gloss and polish.

We finished this cow a couple of days ago. It's 5'9" x 21" x 2 5/8"

Rasta at Sunset on finless Alaia.

Now this is extreme ? Dave Rastavich taking the drop at Sunset on his Alaia. A skinny arse finless piece of wood. I don't think the ancient Hawaiians would mind the early endevours being the inspiration for this piece of history.

Rasta at Sunset on finless Alaia.

Check this out, is this not the ultimate in extreme sports ? Dave Rastavich taking the drop at Sunset on his Alaia. I don't think any ancient Hawaiians would mind their early adventures being the inspiration for this little piece of history.

Delivery Day is a Good Day

When the truck backs up and the fresh foam gets unloaded, it's a relief that in this crazy world some things are still on track. US Blanks has followed the Clark Foam formula for service and quality, and they deliver the best products in polyurethane and EPS. Here Ernie gives the thumbs up to another batch of first quality blanks. Now get to work Ward.

Troy Nixon form Austin Texas has been building some nice wooden boards

Troy looks like he has a pretty good setup and makes a nice board. Check him out at