Nathan Adams Surfing San Onofre

Some great footage of Nate at Sano.  He even arranged the background music for the video.

Vintage at Thalia St.

Theo is painting, The PawnShop Kings are playing, it's taking place at Thalia... what more could you need in an evening?

Doho via Oden

A few shots of small doho last weekend by Cameron Oden

Nate getting settled in

Taylor squared up

Gully, heading towards the flock

Not stoked on the arm placement.

Taylor, noseriding at the base of a wave...?

Almond x ES-CENT-IAL

The suits are in, and they're perfect.  Super stoked on the new batch of suits that es-cent-ial made for us.

Stop by and feel how nice they are...

photo: oden

photo: oden

Resin pin lines. Like everything else, they're easy once you learn how to do them. 


Though not a van Gogh, surfboard artwork can be fast, fun, and loose (just like the way a board should ride, right?!)Like a lot of customers, Bobby brought in a sketch of what he was thinking of for his board. He was open to how I rendered it out. With a combo of spray gun and brush strokes I just let the colors and motion of the design flow. It's not until the next day when the colors dry that I can assess how it's going to come out. This one worked out well.

Fishy day at The Alley

Not a grain of sand left over the rocks after the storm. Tip toe bro.
Another great day at The Alley. The water is still warm , shorts and rashie. We had the fish out for a spin. Great shots taken by Shane.

'Flat ' inside foils on side fins.

Side fins with inside foil have a greater effective toe in angle, so should have the toe in angle reduced slightlyAny side fin which doesn't have a sharp leading edge actually does have an inside foil even if most of the inside surface appears to be flat. Take a look at what happens to the leading edge if it is blunted or rounded off at all. . . the position of the leading edge moves, effectively creating a slight elementary foil on the inside even thouh most of the inside surface is flat.It is better to make a correct foil section on the inside as neither of the options shown below are ideal, the sharp leading edge creates turbulence and the rounded off edge with flat plane following it is not an efficient foil section

Timberline Surfboard Show

The two guys behind the great Timberline Surfboards Ryan Lovelace and Raphael Wolfe are showcasing their boards at Roy Gandy's Restaurant in Santa Barbara. The boards are great to surf but so cool as functional art as well.Check them out and have a few drinks with some live music.
Opening Reception
Monday, June 1st from 5-7pm

@ ROY Restaurant
7 West Carrillo Street
Santa Barbara, CA
Ryan Lovelace and Raphael Wolfe    -  Timberline Surfboards

Wild Weather Week

Rain, Wind, Waves and more Rain... The Gold Coast has been beaten and battered over the last week and a half with sustained wind over 70k/m and gusts over 100 k/m from all directions. This could only mean one thing... Massive storm swell which peaked on the buoys over 11 meters at 14 seconds.Outside D-Bah
View from Greenie looking at Snapper

Beaches were closed for seven days, the longest in over 30 years! The Gold Coast no longer has pristine white beaches, instead cliffs up to 3 meters high left beach goers high and dry. The Gold Coast City Council reckons it will take over $40 million to clean up all the debris and replace full size sand dunes. Beaches were not the only thing washed away, we also lost all of the Shark Nets which lined the coast...and every surfers peace of mind!Foam over took the beachesFroggies with some fresh powder...

Not Many spots were lining up nicely as it was Jet Skis only! Burleigh was too bumpy, Snapper was breaking wide, Kirra too windy. The only spot lining up to par was The Alley.
D'Arcy Team rider Asher Pacey was amongst it partnering with Artist turned Nuclear medicine man ADO... here they are in action belowAsher as he does...Speed trimHow's that for positioning? One of the Hazzas about 150metres offshore from Froggies looking SOLID!
Images taken from Gold Coast Bulletin

Orange County Surfers of the Year


Zane and his Lumberjack

Zane sent us a few photos of him enjoying his surfing board at San Onofre.

King of Cowells

The crowd gets a few words from the champ. Having come in runner up in his division at last year's event, Sam went long to win at the 2009 Santa Cruz Longboard Union's Memorial Day contest.Being the youngest contestant in the contest at 8 years old, he showed some pluck and picked off a few really nice long waves in the final at Cowells.

This a 5'9 Hullish board I am working on. I'll put up a finished picture later.

John Sutcliffe's board is ready to get wet

John Sutcliffe from New Zealand  has just finished his board and wet it's head. This is the one built in the garage next to the GT Falcon. Roger Hall and Matt Waite from Surfline Surfboards glassed it for him.
" Sunday was the official launch at Mangawhai Heads. The surf wasn't really co operating but I had a ball. Its so cool to actually surf something I made myself. Anyway here are some photos for the blog.
Cheers John"      We hope to see John with his board in August.

Yellow Monday, EMail Monday, Non-Euphemisms

Film enthusiasts might recall a scene from Jonathan Demme's The Silence of the Lambs where intrepid, birdlike FBI cadet Clarice Starling pokes around in Hannibal Lector's storage unit (not a euphemism).
The powerful beam of her flashlight exposes all manner of objets d'freaky until it lands on the severed, pickled head of some dude from a side plot.
As you know, Email Monday, a time-honored tradition here at HeadHighGlassy, is the day we arm you with a government-issue flashlight and turn you loose, like Clarice Starling, into the unlit storage unit that is the HHG inbox.
First up!
Dear HHG,
Most of the time I love my full, diverse stable of surfboards. I can ride a different board each day of the month if I so choose.
Sometimes, however, late at night I feel soulless in my board hedonism. I think that somewhere there walks a single surfboard--The One design--that will satisfy all my needs.
Does this mean I'm ready to commit to just one board?
Board Bachelor
Dear BB, Don't do it!
Order more boards, experiment with more designs, swap out fins, exchange boards with friends, fill out order cards like they're free raffle tickets for even more surfboards. You see, guys and gals who have committed to The One board design rely on you to remind them of their own quiver-abundant days, when they, too, could leave the garage with a board under each arm and two already in the car. It's not hedonism, BB, it's living the dream.

Dear HHG,
I got kind of drunk the other night and had a fantasy about ordering a thruster (not a euphemism). Is this normal?
TC, You are perfectly normal. Please consult Board Bachelor for support.

Dear HHG, this week marks the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. Traditionally, Jews eat dairy to commemorate God's delivery of the Torah to the Israelites, but I'm lactose intolerant. What to do with this meshugganah?
CS, the tradition stems from the fact that the Torah introduced the law of kosher and, since Jews had just received the Torah, they didn't have time to prepare meat in kosher cookware that night (not a euphemism). May 28th, The first night of Shavuos, would be a great night for a salad and some home-rolled sushi. l'chayim!

Yellow Monday is another time-honored tradition. This week's yellow board is for Northcoast fish-enthusiast Robert.
Black tapered foam-stain panels and full-board deep yellow tint by Leslie Anderson at Fatty Fiberglass.
Hotcoating, sanding, finning, leash-plug install, glossing, and polishing also done by Leslie.

Bamboo fins by Marlin Bacon.
Hope the Memorial Day weekend found you engaged with something important.

Tony Crimmins new project progress report

" Enclosed are a couple of updated shots showing the rails going on my 9’6” longboard.  As discussed 6 x 6mm layers of paulownia with the centre routed out of the initial 3 layers to create a hollow rail.  Photos show the system I came up with to anchor the timber strips – superglued small balsa blocks to the edge of the bottom and deck - and then cut the rail strips oversize by the thickness of the blocks – clamped the rail strip to the blocks for a nice tight join.  Requires a fair degree of patience but looks like it will produce a nice result with rails and bottom/deck all being out of the same material."
Great to see what guys are doing and how they have engineered ways of building boards. There is no one way to do the job and this is a great example of nutting out a way that fits for Tony.

5th Covershot in the Past Year


(3) Quad Basses headed to the west side!

6'2 schralper for Russ

Wild surf again this year at The Alley

The Alley and the rest of the Gold Coast were hammered on the weekend with 10m plus seas and high winds that closed the beaches . We ended up with huge seas and floods not seen since 1974. We had 365mm of rain in 24 hours (15 inches). This is the 3rd lot of floods we have had this year and we have had swell since mid March. All photos are by Craig Halstead. For Craig's great video footage go to :