Rake Surfboards and the Mini Simmons

Adrian Knott from Rake just sent these shots of their latest batch of fish and mini simmons.

The new 5 foot Shovel Nose Simmons

Oh and the odd fish as well.

These guys at Rake , Dan MacDonald at DMS here on the Gold Coast , Murray Burton at Base and Sean Wilde at Wilde Shapes are the only regular Simmons shapers here in OZ that I know of. Ian Zamora from California was the first person to bring the Mini Simmons to our shores at the Fish Fry 3 years ago.They have taken a while to filter into our waves. But I am sure there will be more this summer as everyone who rides them can't believe how much fun they are.I shaped one for a mate and he is taking it to Bali next week.
These Rake boards look great and if you go to teir site you will see they make great gaer all round. Adrian said they will have a great range of boards here next March for Fish Fry 5 at The Alley.

Check them out at : www.rakeclothing.com

Oh did I tell you Adrian is a great artist / designer and has a great range of T Shirts and art as well.