MC/GP bonzer blur

Well Malcolm and Guy came and went in such a blurr that as usual there was never enough time… here’s a few tasters of his visit and I'll be posting pics of some of the boards as they go through the factory over the next weeks…

Guy Penwarden checking out the FreakFish bonzer EVO6… he takes his bonzers seriously…

Guy Penwarden with Tim Stafford bonzer EVO6 Freakfish

Malcolm Campbell Bonzer nerve centre… no comment on the use of the tipex thinners!

custom bonzers from Malcolm Campbell  

Impossible to get a picture of MC that wasn’t a blur… he sure moves quick for an old guy LOL

Malcolm Campbell

I’d like to say we were chatting design, but he was on such a slavishly concocted schedule that i actually had to sneak in and get someone to snap this off whilst he wasn’t looking :)

Malcolm Campbell and Tim Stafford - custom surfboards