John Conway singlefin

As we come into the 30th anniversary of Wavelength, the mag started by John Conway, it seems apt to see this great example of his shaping skill made in around 1970/1 at the Belmont Place , Newquay factory. John learnt the ropes with Freddie Bickers and went on to produce boards through the 70s before taking up serious surf photography and publishing in the late 70s, working on Atlantic surfer and creating Wavelength in 1981. He also did lots to promote professionalism in UK surfing which led to a strong contest scene and ASP events from the early 80s. Being an important figure and a great shaper his boards are sought after now, and were also sought after in the early 70s when surfers looked for boards with soul from small creative producers rather than the corporate giants. From the Gul collection, shots by Alex.
John during his apprenticeship with Bickers, 1966 ish, photo by Fred. He was bare chested because Fred had told him to take off his Bob Head surfboards t shirt.
Conways at little Fistral, shot by the man himself.