New Orange Board

this is the wide flat front and skinny rockered back i shaped a while back - finally got around to finishing her up - just in time for some hurricane swells to start rolling on up to the outer banks for some tunnel time!

A Potter's Collection

Arguably, Joel sports one of the best collections of my boards that I know of. His quiver influence is no doubt from the "Hynson red fin" era and his search for the sleek, wood rich, triple stringers has carried us along for more than 20 years of fiddling around with curves, foils, and fin set ups. The boards in his current collection include, from front to back: 7'4" and 7'6" thrusters with Bonzer style double concaves through the fin cluster. His new 8'10" Styrolite (his current favorite). A 9'8" Cowells Cruzer. Then there's what I consider the cat's meow, a 9'8" pipeliner style board that I shaped for his 50th birthday and have had the pleasure to ride on a flawless big day at Natural Bridges. Followed up by an 8'8" that we used as a baseline for the new 8'10" Styrolite board. And lastly, a 7'10" mini noserider that functions as a cheater longboard in certain conditions. Like a compass or a good star to guide you, a mentor sheds light along the path. In this case, Joel is my North Star. You see, Joel is one of the areas most talented potters and his gift inspires and brings out the best in my shaping and at times allows me to call myself an artisan. His simple pearls of wisdom passed along over the years have included: "you must doubt and believe in yourself in the same fashion as you inhale and exhale" and "as you meet failures along the way, accept the ruins, pick up the pieces, place them in the bin, and begin anew with resolve to find what you seek." These and many more illuminations have provided hours of pondering in the shaping room. One of the reasons for sharing Joel's work is to give you a heads up. If you find yourself passing through Davenport this weekend you might want to check out his Midsummers Eve Pottery Sale. His ocean view studio is stunning and his wares are laid out in style. Plus Joel knows how to throw a party. There will be music, BBQ delights, and good spirits to wet your thirst after a north coast surf session.For more info and directions to his studio, go to Joel's website at

Shiny New Possum

grey fur pink tail 50 sharp teeth!

Hollow wooden board building with Paul Jensen at The Eco Village

Chris Walton and I outside the Eco Village

Monday morning 10 budding board builders will start their week long journey of building a hollow wooden board under the instruction of Paul Jensen. Paul is known as the guy who kick started the modern interest in building hollow wooden surfboards again. This will be his 10th class world wide , spreading his board building method and knowledge . He has travelled widely in the last couple of years with his classes. Chris Walton the managing director and creator of The Eco Village at Currumbin will also be doing the course. He sees this as very good fit with what he has achieved and is building at The Eco Village. I will keep you updated on the guys progress through the week.

Otto Pilot

Otto relocated from Dusseldorf to Northern California ten years ago in pursuit of a different lifestyle. He found it, and now he cruises our coastline with the passion of a convert, his feet snug in a tube sock/Birkenstock combo.
He orders boards with a timeliness and regularity that would make a Swiss watchmaker clench his tiny fists in envy.
Our latest conversation went like this:
Me: “Hello?”
Otto: “I’m looking for zomesing to fill in z'oles.”
Me: “Z'oles?”
“Za holes!” he screeched (Otto will not be remembered for his patience). “Za holes in ze quiver!”
Once Otto quieted down, we set to the issue of the holes in his quiver, finally deciding upon z'yprofiche (the Hi-Pro Fish).
Z'yprofiche features a similar planshape to the contemporary keel, but the foil and rocker have more in common with the modern shortboard (dusty camera lens does not come with board).
A little extra curve in the tail, continuous outline, double concaves, and a quad setup should fill in z'oles nicely.
If Otto's rocking his his red jeans when he picks up the board, I'll snap some pics and post them on the blog. Wie erotisch!

Summer Stoke

Little groms and big groms alike are digging the summer surf. Eli finds a little bowl to slip into as his buddies wait for the next wedge. Carly is one of those stoked kids who rides both long and shortboards with confidence and grace. Being a goofy foot in the land of right point breaks, she savors the rare left. Not afraid to put it up on a rail, Carly puts her 6'0" through it's paces at a recent contest. Rumor has it that she has a good golf game too. Just shows you how this girl gets into the swing of things by being versatile with her equipment. Walker takes his mom's 6'2" out and slides into a nice one with style. Does he know that just over the jetty and out off the point is Mavericks?Sam and Dad getting ready to join a "bunch of friends" at Malibu on our last road trip down south. It's all aloha when you share the summer stoke.

American ash…

Tim Stafford Surfboards - wooden bonzer EVO3 side fins

bonzer EVO3 sides in American Ash – hand foiled by yours truly…

Why do I keep drawing lefts?

Deeply troubled by the fact that out flows another left… as a natural foot I should be drawing rights!


SOLD... 6’8” Blunt Diamond Lava tint bonzer EVO3

SOLD...  6’8” x 21 ½” x 2 5/8” Blunt Diamond bonzer EVO3 For sale at Rocky Point Surfshop in Trevone.  tel: 01841 520275
This board has a reverse lap lava-tint with custom pen artwork of a wavescape at Trevone on the bottom. Go Pro camera mount on the nose.
Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards - 6'8" Blunt Diamond bonzer EVO3 - reverse lap lava tint  Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards - 6'8" Blunt Diamond bonzer EVO3 - reverse lap lava tint with custom pen artwork  Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards - 6'8" Blunt Diamond bonzer EVO3 - reverse lap lava tint  Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards - 6'8" Blunt Diamond bonzer EVO3 - reverse lap lava tint with pen artwork
This shape was designed originally for one of the lifeguards at Trevone, with the wave there very much in mind. The quick but crumbling take off and flat sections in the wave put a lot of demands on a board, making it a very complicated wave to get the most out of on a typical shortboard. The wide template and low entry rocker creates a stable board that picks up waves early and easily, whilst the shortened rail of the Blunt Diamond, the curvy outline and finely tuned rails keep it very loose. As with all bonzers this EVO3 encourages you to surf better – the more you put in the more you get out.
This board is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy their surfing more through a higher wave count without compromising fluidity and performance. I’ve ridden this board in everything from waist high to well overhead in the last few months and have yet to find its limitations.

Watt's Wood's , what timber weighs ?

Watt's Wood and Mouldings in Queensland have a great guide on their website to show what different timbers weigh. And then gives you a rundown on what it is used for and what sizes they have in stock. All very helpful when deciding on what you want to achieve without adding too much weight and also what density different species are.
Check it out at : These and other suppliers are on the right >

Vented leash plug... now here is a neat idea

Now this is a well executed idea that saves you drilling two holes in you board.

" Greenlight's "VXV" Vented Leash Plug provides full time Gortex venting of your wooden or EPS boards without an extra part to install in your deck.
EPS boards contain very small air pockets between the foam beads which expand and contract with changing tempertaures. If a board is dinged while surfing and water gets in, additional heat (leaving your board on the beach or in a hot car) will cause the water to change phase in to steam and extert pressure on the fiberglass skin - pushing the glass away from the foam (delamination).
Or if you leave the screw done up on your wooden board and leave it in the sun or the car , it may more than delaminate on you , it may blow apart.
The VXV is the slickest solution to relieving internal pressure in boards - both EPS and hollow wood boards.
The vent's screen size allows air (steam) out of the board to relieve internal pressure but will not allow water molecules in! No need to open and close the vent as needed in other surfboard venting systems. Just install and forget it... "

Each vented leash plug includes an install kit and instructions.
Check out:


Heard from an old friend today, Miss Dotty, she used to take care of me when I lived on that blessed isle. This pic, me one morning before the suit went on, surfing one of my Phil Clifford Rockit 5 fins, 6’6” x 19 1/8” x 2 3/8”; 1997, Zoo before the hurricane destroyed it…

Good times – big up to the Jamaican crew.

Tim surfing Jamaica

Solid agave by Eli Mirandon

This is an Agave plant that they make Tequila from and they also have a stem that grows unbelievably fast then flowers.
This stem when dried out is a very light weight woody fibre , great for boards. You will see old ones dotted around in gardens and all of a sudden they flower and this is the result.
From this rough looking collection of Agarve stems can come some beatuiful grain patterns.
Love the rustic look that it has. Some wood all glossed up is just not the same.

A classis Eli Mirandon twin pin with bamboo fins. We had one of the original ones at the Fish Fry this year.

Blunt Diamonds

This was the board that started it all off again – the 6’8” blunt diamond for my lifeguard partner and long time friend Oli Myles… loved doing the tint on this one with the different colours down the one rail.. this board is pretty much the ultimate all rounder - it goes in everything and is surprising manoeuvrable for its length.

Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards - 6'8 Blunt Diamond for Olly Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards - 6'8 Blunt Diamond for Olly - resin tint Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards - 6'8 Blunt Diamond for Olly with custom artwork Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards - 6'8 Blunt Diamond for Olly with railside resin tint

Freakfish is coming….

Tim Stafford Custom surfboards - 5'11" Freakfish bonzer EVO4 - sanded and ready for pen artwork