my new board...finally... say hello to "the pious bird of good omen"

i've been so busy making everyone elses boards lately, but i  finally found the time to make one for myself, this model is "the pious bird of good omen" its something ive been working on for a while now.

its a hydro hull style bottom, with vee in the tail and rail chines up the board that fade at the halfway point. a variation of the bonzer theme designed for serious speed and the vee helps rail to rail surfing.

here you can see the rail chines

side view of the bottom contour

hand foiled glass on fins for feel

this is a working mans board, designed to be ridden hard. its a single 6oz top and bottom, simple foam spray, protec finish, all designed to maximise strength and minimise weight. this is my first 2+1 setup and im keen to get it wet.
the board measures as: 6'2" x 20" x 2 7/16"
made for when the points line up a bit, ..... if they ever do again??