Daniel Thomson, one of the new wave of innovative fish shapers.

Daniel , born and bred in the waves of Lennox Heads, NSW. Young man with some fresh ideas and a mission. A great surfer and innovative bugger to boot.

5 foot 10" x 19" x 2 3/8" rocket ship ready for action.

Sure there will be those of you that will say nothing is new. And that may well be true? But there are guys out there that will combine a little from many sources and inspirations and come up with something that is new.The Fish Fry is a great place to see what others are doing and a place to be inspired by their shapes and take on things.Talk to other shapers. Meet new ones and see what they are up to.Take a board for a ride and feel the difference , good or bad.The fish has become a great platform for fun and innovation in a commercialised thruster driven environment. I don't mean to be political , but it is hard not to agree. The fish has gone from being an alternate board to having an influence on many shapers and what they are doing today.
If you have some new ideas that you are trying and would like to share. Send some pics and a few words and turn up on the day if you can. Inspire others.

Thanks Tomo