Big California swell brings out the best in the Simmons

Richard Kenvin winding her up to get in early , just as Bob had planned...

John Cherry sent me these great shots of Richard Kenvin letting the big 10ft Simmons do what it was made for.It's the 10ft reproduction board that JC and Terry Martin built a few years ago. Richard has some footage of Rasta riding it in his under production movie "Hydrodynamica.
Here is what JC has to say...
"I loaned Terry’s and my Simmons to RK about 3 weeks ago so he could ride it and do some filming.
These La Jolla Cove xxx waves were exactly what the Simmons was originally designed to ride. I don’t know anybody better to put her through her paces than RK .
It wasn’t the greatest angle on the cove shots, but I LOVE the take-off shot. It shows the Simmons ability to get in early and get headed a warp speed down the line.

Terry and I built the Simmons to ride, enjoy and share with the surf community.
RK says the Simm is absolutely an amazing board to ride. I’m Stoked!! "

Thanks guys for sharing and having made the board that has now created all this interest in the Simmons and Mini Simmons.I know there are a lot more of them being built this summer here in Aust.