Kong and Rabbit Hot Stuff models

Here's a great mid 80s channeled thruster, Gary 'Kong' Elkerton model from the Australian hot stuff label, made under licence in the UK , not sure of the shaper, could have been Chops or Martin Wright ? Glassed by Phil Northey. Thanks to Stephane in Biarritz for sending the pictures.
Theres a couple of early 80s clips of Kong on Hot Stuffs on youtube , www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAaxluPqZLs , and on Kong's Island with Rabbit and Chappy, filmed by Jack McCoy www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHhIII0h9Ic for a bit of 80s trippyness.
From Tube News 1985
Stephane also has this Rabbit model single fin from around 1980/1, it could be a British board too, see what Chops is holding in the ad below, same airbrusher ?
From Wavelength no1 1981 courtesy of Graham