Cheers Andy Potts!!

Here is another customer testimonial from Andy Potts who won a board in an ASL photo contest. Andy is a very talented photographer who travels the Gold Coast from South Straddy to Yamba searching for empty waves and hidden gems... Check out his amazing photography on his personal website Potts Photography

Check out Andy's testimonial here:

"A huge thanks going out to Darcy Surfboards in Currumbin for hooking me up a brand new ride for winning pic of the month in the current ASL magazine. "WOW" what a great team they have down at Darcy Surfboards, from the moment you step foot in the front door to when darcy himself loads up the car with your new weapon.

Its great to see a local company here on the coast going the extra mile for the customer, taking the time to listen to what you need and giving the best advice available with over 25 years experience in the surf industry.

Darcy was kind enough to take me on a tour of the shop which is second to none. state of the art air ventalation system, enough room to start a small football game and an all round sense of pride in the workplace from all the Darcy staff.

The shop displays a great range of boards from something for the beginners to high perfomance boards for the experienced rider. Corridors of the shop are blessed with magazine cover shots and pictures of Darcy board riders such as 7 x world champion Layne Beachley and hardcore soul surfers like Asher Pacey.

Darcy is always willing to sit with his customers to make sure they get what they came for, gauranteeing you not only value for money but a custom made identity in every purchase. Its a pleasure to see that there still is still a true spirit within the surf industry giving back to the customer.

Once again a huge thanks to Darcy, Michelle and all the crew from Darcy Surfboards for taking the time to show me around the shop, giving me some great advice on surfing and of course hooking me up with my new ride which i dont doubt will bring many fun sessions.

Dont forget the next time your looking at purchasing a new board to drop into Darcy's"
Cheers Andy! your a top bloke and a very talented photographer!
Nest time you get that barrel of your life, check out Andy's website to see if he captured it!
(That way your mates will believe you)