A close look at the 'spherical' rocker on the Future Primitive Ghost 12 foot pintail.

This 'spherical' or 'circular arc' rocker has been one of the most successful rockers which we have used. Technically it's a slightly tweaked spherical rocker because the nose curve is slightly elliptical, the true spherical rocker is used on the Dragon board 13'9" and the Waikiki 17 footer, as well as on smaller boards like the Phantom ( 8'4" to 10 feet ) and the '7 of diamonds' 7' double ended roundtail.

All in all it's a great rocker. From this angle and at 12 feet it looks like a lot of curve, but looks in this case are deceptive: in fact it's the same curve which used at 10'6" on the Earl looks to be conservative or on the low side.

By the way a certain 'dark horse' by the name of Stretch is now using a spherical rocker exclusively for his big wave guns... bottom line is he's doing it because it works very well indeed, for reasons which will be explained, again.

Future Primitive Ghost 12'

Future Primitive Earl 10'6"