A wooden Fish and a time to help out others.

The following is a letter I have received from Jay Jackman in Christchurch , New Zealand.

"Well it has now almost been one month since we felt that devastating shake here in Christchurch.

We have been involved since that day in a City moving forward to heal itself. As a collective there has been incredible personal loss and emotional strain.

Heartbreakingly parts of our City are reduced to rubble on a daily basis.Our ocean and beaches continue to be punished and polluted as a result.

However in the face of all of this, there is the determination and courage to stay positive and carry on.

As part of this movement, we have decided to shape a unique board to donate to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

I will be shaping a balsa South Island Fish, one of our most popular local models, crafting the stringers and fins from timbers belonging to a demolished factory that once stood right behind our own. The board will be 6’3” to represent the 6.3mag quake that changed a lot of lives. We will show the progress of the construction on Facebook and will finally put this on Trademe to auction. Please feel free to let anyone know that may be interested.

As a shaper I cannot think of a more poignant moment to shape a board. This one is for our home town of Christchurch and to help those who still continue to struggle in the aftermath of the Feb 22nd Earthquake.

At this time also, our hearts and thoughts go out to all those people coming to grips with what is happening in Japan."


Jay Jackman Shapes & Designs


So guys guys follow Jay's progress on the board and if you can help out I am sure it will be appreciated. Our surfing friends in New Zealand and Japan are having a tough time at the moment.