Bilbo st Ives

Here's a lovely old mal from Jason. Made from probably Bilbo's first year of production, a real old school longboard with competition stripes, Bilbo's first style of logo, chunky stringer and check out that d fin. You don't see many surviving Bilbos with that fin on, they quickly refined the fin to more of a dorsal shape. The reason for the post title is that this board can be seen in a mid 60s photo of Porthmeor by Doug Wilson, see below.
love that fin, crude but a beauty. Some fins like this were altered or cut to keep in line with new developments.
A 1965/6 competition at Porthmeor, St Ives. Jason's Bilbo is fourth from the left. At this time St Ives was still the main centre for surfing in Cornwall, although Newquay would soon take over. Photos by Doug Wilson of Bilbo.