Epoxy bonzers, weird fish, and

Fresh epoxy bonzers coming soon... eps core, oak parabolic rails with a wood veneer deck and epoxy bottom  6'8 Cleanline (up in the rack in khaki with the taped rails), 2nd from top. Spoke to Mark at Glass Tiger today and rails are on so should be coming back for my bits next week.

Weird fish also on the move... eps epoxy flotation module in powder blue (on the stand) which will attach to the alaia inspired eps/epoxy/oak parabolics bonzer bottomed base... (on the bottom rack in khaki)...

Big thanks to Jason who has had to work in some pretty new ways to deliver what i wanted on these, including glassing and trimming the rails seperately to provide a really sharp join for the parabolics... i like to make Mark's life easy when i can!