5’8 x 19 7/8 x 2 5/8” VORTEX bonzer bottomed Sprat is up for sale. Loving this board… it really is amazing (to me) that i can ride it, it being so short and me so heavy (13 1/2 stone). It is fast and loose and I've tested it in well overhead surf which, even more amazingly, it loved and I loved how it surfed. I’m putting it up for sale due to the new Indo quiver so it will be a great board for anyone looking to move onto a shorter board to get a bit more radical. Can ride as a thruster or quad and will come with whichever set up you prefer. This design really changes how you think about what you can ride. So £175 will get this SPRAT. It has a pretty well depressed tail area but has stood up to my weight and has plenty of life left in it. Small ding on the rail and one on the bottom – all will be fixed for collection. Drop me a line if you fancy it.