Rhino's 6'1" singlefin. . . free plans !

Update: The free plans were loaded up on Swaylocks surfboard design forum but since the forum upgrade they appear to have been lost along with a lot of archival material. The 6'1" Nugget singlefin plans are on DVD and are available from roy@olosurfer.comBack in 2005 a young Californian in his senior year at high school (who goes by the nickname of 'Rhino' ) built a 6'1" Power Surfboards parallel profile balsa board.Rhino asked us if he could post the plans and building process on Swaylock's surfboard design forum, and we agreed. The result was the 2006 Swaylocks thread'Free 6'1" Power surfboard plans'Rhino's 2006 ride report on his new board:" We finially had a decent swell here in San Diego! After riding about fifty waves in the last few days, I have a really good feel for my board. First off, it floats me just fine (I'm 6'2" 150lbs) and it duck dives like a champ! it rides super smooth and I can really feel the wave benith my feet. One of my best waves I cought the other day...It a was solid 5' wave, the drop was steep, but I made it in by stylishly droping into a very smooth bottom turn and following that with a nice little cutback. I was able to stay on the line for a few more seconds and hang a quick 5 before it closed out. I'll never surf a tri-fin again...unless I don't have a single handy : ) Cheers. "Well this thread popped up again today on swaylocks, 'Rese' who is also a senior high school student, asked how long the board took to make. Here's Rhino's reply: " I made this board my senior year of highschool as well. I worked on it for about 8hrs a week for a full semester then finished it up at home. I have maybe about 80 hrs total invested in to it & I've bee riding this board lots since I built it. It's surfed in waves from kee to 11+ feet and is pretty much a soul board. I mostly like doing big bottom turns on it, mild 'slow mo' cutbacks as i call them and likes getting bareled in fast clean waves.-Three years and counting without a single pressure ding!...a few fin chops though. Two other high school students in Japan and Canada have just built this board and are now in the process of glassing them! Go for it! & feel free to post questions. "