Early Tris singlefin

Here's an early Tris singlefin which I was soundly outbidded on when it was on ebay a few weeks ago. My top bid was well below what it went for, but I guess it is a rare one, from 1970 ish before the famous Tris logo was used; this logo above looks almost hand drawn and the board has a pretty primitive flat deck and thick rails, but its a rare beauty for it. The dimensions are 6'8 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/4. Tris Cokes was a standout surfer and shaper around Porthtowan and started Tris surfboards in 1970. Tris went on to be one of the most popular board makers in Cornwall through the 70s and the surfshop in Porthtowan was opened in 1974 and is still there today. The board has an In Natural Flow decal on the underside ;I've also got an In Natural Flow board which I've always thought was a Tris , mystery solved.