Outer Limits singlefin by Martin Geary

Here's an incredible board from Sean's collection, I've not seen another British board like it, and amazingly he picked it up at his local car boot sale ! I'll let Sean describe it - This board would be almost invisible in the sea on a typical grey winters day. Don't let the sludge colour fool you though, its an Outer Limits single fin from the early - mid 1970s. 6 ft 5 x 21 in x thick. Shaped and glassed by Martin 'Gearbox ' Geary and would be a welcome addition to any UK collection as they were relatively shortlived. Glass leash loop and stipple spray to deck stance area; bright is not always breezy.
Gearbox arrived in Newquay in 1966 and did a bit of lifeguarding, a lot of surfing, and by the end of the 60s he was doing some shaping at Bilbo. By the early 70s he had set up Outer Limits and employed Fuz Bleakley to do much of the spray artwork, which going by this board was pretty damn inspired. Geary spent most of the mid 70s in Australia shaping and glassing for top builders and then returned to Cornwall to shape for Piran Surfboards before moving to Ocean Magic to share his knowledge and produce some great sprays. After another bout in Oz he came back to Newquay and worked at Boardwalk, Tunnel Vision and Chris Jones surfboards.