Garrett McNamara at 2nd reef pipeline on the Future Primitive 13 footer

Here's Garrett onthe 23rd of December at 2nd reef pipeline. Thanks for taking the big log out for a ride Garrett. Thanks also to Joli for taking the picture and posting it.

We suggest that Garrett move forward to the middle of the board, as it looks like he's standing way too far back. . . ok for his regular boards but this board is designed to be ridden from the middle, like a 70's singlefin.

Here's the Captain of the Swaylocks SOUR GRAPES brigade claiming that Garrett is actually riding a 6 foot thruster in the picture. We suggest that he contacts the photographer ( Joli ):

" Cmon, now, guys. That's photoshopped and utterly bogoid. I mean, after 40 years in the business I found that surfers will believe just about anything, but this kinda pushes even that.
Ask yourself this, if that's a 13 foot board at that angle from the vertical, where is the eight-foot-deep trench in the water behind it? 'Cos there's only five feet sticking up out of the water. What you got is somebody surfing a 6-something thruster with a little bit of woodgrain substituted in. Look at somebody from back in the day cranking a similar turn on a 9'+ board and you see about 8' of board up there like King Kong's tongue depressor.
It's not even an especially good job with photoshop. F'rinstance, enlarge said image and look where the board actually contacts the water. Or, the white line around the right side.

Wake's too small  ??

Obviously Doc old sport you don't understand the displacement tail design !!

Here's Garrett during a previous session at Pipeline, again he's standing too far back, unless he's stalling of course: