Registration stickers

In the mid 60s the local councils decided that all surfers should have third party insurance ( quite a good idea in the pre leash days ). This was supposed to be compulsory, hence the sticker for lifeguards to check. It was soon found to be unworkable and became a voluntary thing, later abandoned altogether by the mid 90s. Although they were probably a hassle at the time, its great to have them on the boards now, giving a bit of history of when and where they were surfed, and they look quite nice too. Above is an early Newquay registration , no 10 on a mid 60s Bilbo longboard, my first vintage board.
Heres a Bilbo fin from Grahams 1970 Hendy and Harber, and below the original registration form for that board.
Early Tris singlfin.
Bilbo , late 60s.
Bilbo late 60s.
Mid 70s Haven.