The Miranon Twin Pin.

Great to see people doing something different and keeping it in the family.
Thanks to Surfy Surfy for the pics.

" Mirandon Surfboards is a family built line of surfboards. We create artistic, unique designs with a focus on functionality. Our surfing roots began back in the 50's in La Jolla, California. Nick and his brother Bear Mirandon began surfing and eventually learned the craft of building their own boards in the 60's. They created the brand Surfboards La Jolla and designed progressive split tail boards with two fins in 1966. Through all the years as Nick and Bear continued to shape and create art they also quietly passed the trade down through the family and to anyone who asked. Nick's sons, Eli and Croyde are designing, shaping, and coloring boards to suit their own mix of classic and modern surfing."