Up close with the 'Star board' 17 foot Roy Stewart Olo surfboard

Here's the blank for the 17 foot Star board Olo being lifted from the rocker jig back in 2004 at Welcome Bay.

Dimensions are:

Length 17 feet

Width 26 inches

Thickness 2.5 inches

Construction: Parallel profile 5 layer redwood

A test ride: the verdict is that the board has 'long legs',  a sense of enormous power, and a smooth turning response. The sensation on a 70 pound 17 footer is hard to describe. It's another surfing world when the board weighs 40% as much as the rider. The centre of effort is low, the acceleration is relentless, and the momentum is irresistible. Even on a small wave there's a sense of awe as the seemingly omniscient, omnipotent beast awakes and taps into the wave energy. Horsepower !

High tide shorebreak peelers at Papamoa.

Here's the Star board in the midst of a 500 metre ride at Shark Alley lefts, Mount Maunganui. The 'Malibu' longboards were managing only 100 metres at best, but the long legged 17 footer with her high sustained speed and momentum was able to take advantage  of the slight bend put into the swell as it wrapped around Motuotau Island, making it all the way through to the wedge at Banks Avenue.

Riding an olo is a timeless and sacred task: one with richness, spirit, meaning and purpose.