More from the wooden shed

Well she is a big board and with an 8mm deck skin we needed 75 clamps to pull her down snug. We could have gotten away with less but if you have them it all helps.

Pretty well trussed up. Make sure you have everything level and square prior to the deck going on as once it goes on , that is it.

The foam in the tail gives you so much more glue area to hold the thin pieces in place.

The larger pieces of foam will be for the FCS fin plugs to go into and the foam in front of the butt crack will be to take the leg rope plug.The other foam will be to glue the V of timber onto that forms the fish tail block.

Yes winter is here once those westerly winds start blowing off the hills inland from Byron Bay.The wooden blocks down from the nose is for the goretex breather to go into.

Big board , big bugger hanging onto it.

This feels like a sweet little board and a great little experiment to share with some mates.

Strong as this little one.

The bottom going on the fish with it's slightly rolled V under the nose to a flat section under the front foot and a double concave and V out through the tail.