Alex's photos

Nigel Semmens ,Porthleven 1980
Alex Williams has sent a few photos from his extensive archive. Great shots, from around 1980 -82. This one above was shot the same session as the wipeout one of Keith Beddows at Porthleven 1980 that I put on the blog last month.Alex remembers- 'Bantham was pumping so I drove to Leven and there was nobody out! So I called Nigel at the factory in Newquay and told him it was pumping, so he drove downwith Keith, Phil Northey. So I got a couple of hours shooting before sunset!Then back to Bantham, it was late November. The lineup was from the same day.The cutback shot of Nigel (top) on the same day at Porthleven but between sets, there were good lulls between the real sets.
Contest at Fistral with a young Griska Roberts and Paul Bassford.
Leven lineup 1980
Cornish and open Porthtowan 1982. Seated is French champ Frank Gomis.
Steve England , Porthtowan 1982
A couple more shots from the Cornish and Open from the same day as the othershot.The shot above has Paul Bassford , Nigel Semmons and with his back to camerasIan Thomson of Hot Generation surf boards made at the air field nearConstantine. Shot below is the same contestants with Johnny giving out heat timeetc.Great to see the boards too, cheers Alex