A question from 'Oldschool' ( A.L. ) regarding surfing industry scientific marketing and brainwashing

So, if I decide (after winning lotto) to shell out $528,000 for one of your boards Roy am I making a conscious decision of my own accord or are you mind controlling me because your advertising has altered my mindset?  A.L.

If you did so then it would be more of an individual decision than if you bought a corporate product.

The 'advertising' I use doesn't even begin to approach what scientific global marketing achieves in terms of altering behaviour. In order to do that I'd have to do what the surf industry does, which is to create a complete and coherent multifaceted surfing world . . . that costs billions of dollars and can't be done with a single website.

People often make the mistake of thinking that marketing equals advertising, when in reality the overt advertisements one sees are the tip of the iceburg beneath which there are massive programmes of 'below the line' advertising and suchlike.

The goal is to create a complete mindset or surfing world view within which the consumer operates while never realising that they are inside the box so to speak.

That can't be done by placing a few ads.

Once the mindset is in place ( it comes complete with a half century 'history' and countless other legitimising features, one of which is endless repetition ) people can latch on to it by selling products which follow currently marketed trends. . . but if the product type is not being pushed by the industry then it's a no go.