“The Riddler” – 6’2” McCoy nugget inspired bonzer 5

P1040922 P1040926 P1040927 P1040919

6’2 x 20 1/2” x 2 7/8” with “spitfire” Bonzer 5s and a 10” single fin box…

Name was inspired by the board itself being a bit of an enigma… McCoy inspired Nugget with my take on Geof’s  original loaded dome, but with my vortex channels under the front foot and bonzer 5 set up, with the spitfire profile. This is a pretty out-there board and i can’t wait to try it in some sucky stuff soon. It looks like it will fit into the pocket beautifully.

The big question is do i add the rear EVO6 plugs too… tempting but maybe a bit plugtastic? Any views.