Off To Mexico

Board #8 is now in the books.
Its been a long time coming but I finally finished up this 5'9'' Single Fin. So now its off to Mainland Mex with my friend to be put to the test. A week in Mexico with nothing but empty left hand point breaks gives me hope that the board will do just fine. I can't wait for my friend to get back to here some feedback on the board. Its funny you can try to design the board by concept and think it will work well but, at least for me, I never really know til I put it in the water. As long as it makes it the whole trip without any structural malfunctions I will be satisfied.

The final dimensions were, H5'9'' x N14 3/4" x W19 7/8" x T15 1/2" x 2 1/2"

- Bottom Close Up (Acrylic paint under the gloss coat)

- Bottom
- Deck