Roy Stuart Makaha 12'9" voted 2010 surfboard of the year !

The toxic Surf Industry Manufacturers Association Cartel nominated an inflatable SUP as '2010 surfboard of the year', but we are pleased to announce that the prestigious Olosurfer Surfboard of the Year award  has been won by Roy Stuart's Makaha 12-9, which is not only one of the most hydrodynamically advanced surfboards in the world but also one of the most expensive at US $528k.

"An intricate linkage of over 400 small component parts, Makaha's graceful structure has a delicacy which belies its mass and power, revealing the velocity and weightlessness of its flight.

State of the art

Nothing should distract from the pleasure of riding Makaha. Nothing does. It is a simple pleasure, offering a seemingly endless surge of power."