Surf Spot Bude

Back again now although still up north; we hade two weeks in Lanzarote and the only day it was really firing was the morning we had to leave - bloody typical. Hope you all had a good very white christmas anyway.Here's a board which surfaced in Manchester, a long way from its original home. An early 70s diamond tail singlefin made by Surf Spot in the north cornwall hot spot of Bude. Surf Spot was one of Bude's first surf shops and they made a few boards but not many, and the finish wasn't as high as say Bilbo , Tiki or Creamed Honey, but they were a small production I guess. An interesting board though, yet another small board company which makes our surf history so varied in the UK.This one has no leash fitting, a nice bright yellow tint, and no stringer, just a band of glue. It has a transfer logo and a hand drawn pencil teardrop on the deck. No shapers name but it would have been made by one of the hot surfers in the local area, many of which shaped. For an old board it has really thin glassing on the underside so its done well to survive - I think it has been in an urban loft for 15-20 years as is often the story. The previous owner has done a couple of beauty repairs in the bodger's fave grey car filler, and don't they look nice. Apart from that its in pretty good condition and if I can get it watertight I'm surfing it on thursday. 7'3 x 21 1/2 x 2 3/4 - I think it'll float me.
I did get to surf it yesterday, and the annual christmas time surf in north wales with Matt came up with the goods again this year with shoulder high glassy waves, no wind, fish jumping and a stunning sunset at Hells Mouth near Abersoch. The surf spot cruised admirably on possibly its first surf in 20 years and is ready for more .