Atlantic Surfer

The UK's first surf mag to feature full colour photos, 1979. This shot was Alex's first colour cover.
Ted Deerhurst
Steve Daniel, Estagnots , photo also by Alex.
Tad Ciastula of Vitamin Sea.
Atlantic Surfer was a really good mag which ran from '79 to '81. Aussie Greg Haythorpe came over to Newquay and started the mag, with Neil Watson as associate ed. , and Bez Newton and Rod Holmes. Many of the photos came from John Conway and Alex. It was an extensive mag which must have cost loads to produce, which was possibly its ultimate downfall; in 1980 Greg got into difficulties and John Conway took over the helm. The mag didn't last much longer but spurred John on to start Wavelength , which thrived in the cash rich surf boom of the 80s and beyond. Covers from Alex's collection.