the "DDR" (dumpster diver)

ever since Dane Reynold's did his thing at Trestles Event last year, the "dumpster diver" has become the most searched and sought after board on the internet and in shops.  

there's a reason for all the hype:  the simple explanation: THE BOARD WORKS.  its fun and versatile- and such a simple design- fuller rails, wider outline, shorter, boxier tail, and flatter rocker.  

here's the board's nitch:

dane's dumpster diver is like a hybrid between your performance shortboard and the fish that everyone loves, but no one can turn.  it bridges the gap of bad waves and high performance surfing by allowing you to get the speed and momentum you would get on a fish, while also letting you do quick and vertical  

this is our version of the dane's board:

the DDR.  

its UNreal.  

this is one we've really got dialed in:  5'0"-6'0", can be ordered as a quad.

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