More from the wood shed

Mike is a wood worker , that builds everything from wooden barns to ukuleles and has a shed full of tools and gear to get the job done right.He also has an even bigger shed full of timbers from all over the world that if it caught fire now god for bid it would still be warm at Christmas.

Mike in the corner , the engine room where it is all planed and the finer things are kept.

This old bandsaw has over 20ft / 6m of blade and takes forever to wind down when you turn it off. All this gear makes doing the job a lot easier for sure. So if you need some wood to do a job or sized to suit what you are doing get hold of Mike.

The fish went together just as easily with the tail just flowing out and the nose needing some foam down the track to pull it all together.

With the tabs coming through the rail band holding everything in place and then when you glue it up it is as strong as can be.

The foam added to the tail gives more surface area to glue the thin pieces together. Easy to work with ,very little weight and easy to shape and tidy up.

Same in the nose as it is impossible to bend 6mm round this shape. At the end of the day the deck and bottom skins coming together will mean there is very little left to sandwich between them.

Didn't take long to glue it all up and have a strong stable platform to work from. It is best to keep working on the frame with it locked down to a straight edge as you work so that as you add things and it stiffens up it is nice and straight and level.