Porpoise 2

After some revisions and test rides by Anthony, discussions with my guru-panel (Phil & Nigel) we have concluded that the area for improvement is fin placement. There was always going to be a lot of force going through them with the narrow base (and I have already cracked the rovings) but the proximity to the bonzer EVO3 sides is the real issue… so its off with all of them and then back on with some reinforcement. I am going to reduce the size of the bonzer side EVO3s to the same as the front EVO5 set up, AND most crucially give them more space between them… it has felt like the water at times is having to squeeze between them and this may account for the feeling of drag just before take off, which isn’t ideal for a lazy paddler like me. So an extra 1/2 inch gap should sort that out.

Anthony has been riding it quite a bit and is really loving it… he grabs it whenever he can and seems to just flow into a ridiculous number of long walled up waves. It’s definitely his small wave board of choice just exactly as it is… but for me the lazy paddler the reduction in drag will be welcome and should improve the boards already great speed.

There is definitely something special going on with this board, it just feels great under you when paddling and riding and seems to smooth out whatever your normal style is… and yet you can still whack it off the top when you feel inclined.