More biomimetics and fin tubercule theory. . .

Given that the tubercules give an efficiency advantage, it's like money in the bank which can be 'spent' in various ways.

For example the advantage could be used entirely to increase the angle of attack capability. Alternatively it could be used just to reduce drag, or to increase lift.

Adding the tubercules to an existing fin should give some of each of the three advantages, but by altering the fin size or thickness the fin can be tweaked to weight the tubercule gain towards one or two of the parameters more than the other(s).

As an example if one just wanted to reduce drag then the fin could be made thinner with tubercules, because the tubercules give back the aoa capability lost by making the fin thinner. Also the fin can be made 5 percent or so smaller because that's the gain in lift given by the tubercules. . . if we give it back by reducing fin size we also reduce drag.

Biomimetics in practice: