damo's new mini simmons

i dropped off a new simmons for my man damo the other day

this one was a 5'6" done in a blue pigment
with white stripes on the nose for that "nautical" theme that
is quite popular with the cool kids at the moment

damo works at the cooly board store (the old base surfshop at cooly)
he usually has the board with him so go in and check it out if your in the area and say hi
damo is the man... thats what he'll tell ya anyway..

this one has the traitional simmons slot/single concave through the rear
with a hulled entry.. i got to ride this board the other day and it flies,
i liked it so much i went straight back in the bay
to shape myself one on the same day that i finished this one.

i've been making mini simmons as long as anyone in australia,
and i'm glad to see they are finally starting to get the attention they deserve
i have been singing their praises to anyone who will listen for a long time now
if i could have only one board the simmons would be the board.
if your thinking about getting one do it.. you'll never look back.