its not easy being green

here it is my new simmons, i got rid of my last one about 2 weeks ago
and the last 2 weeks without a simmons have been some of the hardest of my life
i do love these little boards..

this one is kermit the frog fluro green.
this is from my "simmons dynamica" template. it has
an S Deck. hull entry that rolls in to a single concave slot
through the fins, with the rails tucked/chined up from the fin outwards
like a hydro hull. very similar to the original 40's bob simmons bottom
but much more blended and subtle.

the fins are pushed up and sit at 2" from the tail.
i find this gives me a larger sweet spot the board works from. this photo does exagerate
the distance and the toe in... its only toed 1/16"

the "brown dog" gives his all knowing nod of approval in the background
he knows a good foil when he see's one.
hows the S Deck on that monster?, and the foil?, i really bladed this one out.
those of you that know me, surely know by now
that i love to blend retro with performance

heres another example instead of the old simmons disc fins, i've been experimenting
with my own template, its a hybrid of the disc and the keel fin. its single foiled for bite
and im getting amazing feedback from it. all the fun of the keel with the
surface area and drive you get from the disc fin.

old skool glass on leash loop to keep the vibe 
6+4oz deck 6oz bottom, built to last
but surprisingly very light...

measures in at 5'7" x 21 1/4" x 2 5/8"