my new board

its finally here, MY new board, i've been waiting for this one for a while
i've been so busy its been hard to get my own quiver organised.
i got rid of all of my quiver from last year and MY new boards are finally trickling in.

this one is my hullabaloo its a hull/stubbie hybrid.
this one blends a rolled front with a slightly
double concaved rolled vee in the tail.
its one im experimenting with at the moment...

5.5 oz volan top and bottom with a deck patch and tail patch
i love the greenish tint that you get with volan, its so simple
but sooooo old school, and the fins become the highlight

hand layed glass on sides are slightly larger but have the same base as my smaller    
side fin, so as i refine the fin placement i can sand down the sides as well
which lets me do some real experimenting. the center fin is a 7 1/2"
hand made flex fin by my man wiz.

hows the flex in that bad boy... good flex too, you really want a full flex
 from the midpoint up, not just in the tip, this one came out great
this board is just screaming to be rideen
6'1" x 21" x 2 1/2"